Best Gifts for a Couple

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Anniversaries and Christmas parties’ invitations sound fun until you realize you’re supposed to bring some gifts. They’re your best friends, you’ve been following their romance from the very beginning, and suddenly you get this great idea. Why not buy something they both could enjoy? It’s not a question of money, it saves you the headache of finding two presents. One present for two people, that sounds doable! Indeed, but what should you choose? Here are a few ideas to make your life easier and your shopping hassle-free!

Silk sheets

This works if you’re really good friends with the happy couple and can afford to show up with a cheeky gift like this. Pick a color to match their bedroom decorations and you can add a bottle of wine, perfect for a romantic night. No doubt they’ll be pleased with your gift, not to mention how much fun everybody at the party will have seeing what you bought.

Couple bracelets

That’s a very sweet and thoughtful gift for a young couple. Find a set with two matching bracelets they can wear as a reminder of the love they have for each other. Couple bracelets are meant to complete each other, just as your friends complete each other’s life. Best thing you can do is to look for something handmade, perhaps with a gemstone that might have a special meaning for your friends.

Lovers’ statue

If their love is fairly new and passionate, a lovers’ statue would look great in their living room. Look for something cute and tasteful, like a little statue of a man and a woman holding each other.

Champagne for two

Not just a bottle of champagne, think in terms of a set with two magnificent crystal glasses they will have for many, many years. They will surely appreciate the thought as it is such a personal gift, something only the two of them can enjoy.

Ceramic pizza stone

If they’ve only recently moved together, anything in the kitchen department will be highly appreciated. Obviously you cannot show up with a frying pan, that’s lame, but who doesn’t like pizza? Or have some of your common friends chip in and buy a sleek coffee machine for the lovely couple. And two personalized mugs to go with it.

Luxury fragrance set

A classy gift suitable for every occasion. Who doesn’t appreciate a bottle of perfume? Best do some snooping around to see what sort of fragrances the lady of the house prefers. Women are hard to please when it comes to perfumes!

Lyrics on canvas

Custom-made gifts are always appreciated as they show you put in some thought in choosing that present. If you know their favorite song, perhaps the song they danced to on their wedding night, you can order a canvas painting with the lyrics that must have a very special meaning for them.

Date-night ideas

There comes a time in every couple’s life when routine sets in and they kinda tend to spend their nights in front of the TV. Help them spice up their life with a novelty 100 date-night ideas board or notebook. The latter is especially fun as besides offering new and funny ideas, the notebook can be used to write down exactly how the date felt or a funny incident that happened that night.

Special experience

Surprise your friends with tickets to a concert of their favorite artist, or maybe a theater performance. Once again, you can ask other people to chip in so you can buy them tickets to a show they cannot really afford. Young couples need such special nights together to create memories. Just make sure they don’t already have tickets to that show!

His & Her Bathrobe

Look for something luxurious, something soft and comfy. A set of bathrobes in matching colors are always an elegant gift. You can never have too many bathrobes. If you feel it’s not enough you can add matching slippers, something definitely fluffy. Or you can buy a set of expensive his&her towels in a luxury set. If you can get their initials embroidered, even better.

Whatever you choose for your friends make sure the gift feels special, let it show you care enough to go out of the way to find something unique for them. The best choice for this couple of friends is a personalized gift or a handmade item! They’re special to you and they’re special as a couple!

Tenth’s Doctor Universal Tool

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Who doesn’t like “Doctor Who”? For those who are absolute fans of the show you can get the cool Tenth’s Doctor Universal tool. The tool has been used by the Time Lords and will help your friend or you get things fixed around the house. For example, sometimes you might need to unscrew something or repair your TV but there are no tools around. However with the Tenth’s Doctor Universal Tool you can get all those things fixed in no time. If you have a picky friend who is a geek and you simply don’t know what to get him, this amazing gift is just the right pick.

This universal screwdriver and remote control will help you control a wide array of things: your TV, your iPod, mobile phone and even other gadgets. This powerful tool can help you get out of some pretty tricky situations.

The functionality of this product is amazing and it can be one of the best gifts a girlfriend could ever offer to her difficult geeky boyfriend that seems uninterested in usual stuff. This way they will simply gain control of every gadget in the house, which makes things easier for you when trying to find a suitable gift and more interesting for him when trying to become the Lord of Gadgets. It can be programmed to fit 39 remote controls so the person handling this amazing tool will be able to control a wide array of gadgets.

This is actually a 1:1 replica of the object seen in the show so when you are holding this baby in your hand you will actually feel like you are holding the real one. The coolest thing about it that would probably impress any geek to tears is the fact that it plays some of the special effects that can be seen in the show. So this means that you can actually recreate what you see there, which is probably every geek’s dream.

Also, the cool Tenth’s Doctor Universal Tool comes with a protective case so that you keep it safe when you travel with it.

Vacuum Beard Trimmer

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Beards have rarely been as popular as they are today. Regardless of where you are on the globe or what style works best for you, a beard is considered by many a cool extra. They aren’t associated with old or homeless people anymore and can be seen on every social category from successful CEO’s to musicians and everything in between.

Even with their immense and still growing popularity an un-kept, poorly trimmed beard is not as cool and can actually look ridiculous. This is why, regardless of the length of your beard you need to keep it nice and fresh, with clean lines and a pleasant overall aspect. It can vary from a 5 o’clock shadow to a medium sized biker-like beard to a full blown Gandalf fiasco.

To keep a beard looking fresh and proper you will need good tools and this is where the Philips Norelco QT4070 Vacuum Beard Trimmer comes into play. Scissors are great and conventional trimmers work too but the quality and adjustability of the Philips Norelco Trimmer is just unbeatable. Do a fade, recreate that just got out of bed 5 o’clock shadow or go for a rugged unshaved for a week look. It can now be done precisely how you want it, however the Philips Norelco QT4070 Vacuum Beard Trimmer isn’t just about the quality of the blades. The innovative little feature that makes this gadget special is the vacuum function Philips has added.

Most trimmers work well enough, however, the clean-up after a shave with a conventional beard trimmer can take even up to 15 minutes. This is just unacceptable if you just want a quick adjustment in the morning or are in a rush to get to work.

The vacuum powered trimmer from Philips solves your cleaning problems while also giving you a high quality, precise tool to shape your beard however you see fit.

Replica Luggage Bag

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Let’s face it you are a traveler and you are a fashionista, but you don’t have a millionaires bounty of money; with that being said buying  replica handbags  is a smart alternative to the expense of the real thing.

Buying a high quality designer replica will serve your fashion sense as well as being functional; so when it comes to buying replica designer luggage there are a few things you need to know.

Research the numerous designer options that are available; there is nothing that is more embarrassing and frustrating then buying luggage and finding out it is so last year. You need to take a few minutes and flip through travel and the latest editions of fashion magazines to see the latest designer luggage collections so you can find a suitable replica and avoid the embarrassment.

Decide on how many pieces you want to have and what you need; while being in fashion important; at the end of the day you need luggage that will suit your travel needs.

This means you need to take a good look at your travel needs; take into account how often you travel the amount of things you pack and that will help you determine the size of the designer replica suitcases you need to purchase.

When it comes to setting your price range be realistic; even if it is a replica sometimes a designer replica can still cost a pretty penny.

So with that in mind, once you make a decision about what size and how many pieces of luggage you need, you need to go online and research the sites that sell these designer imitation purses.

Make sure the vendor you are buying from guarantees the luggage in case something is wrong with it once you get it, make sure they are a reputable dealer.

June Bracelet Monitors Exposure to Sun

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Some gadgets are fun to have around while others are completely useless. This time, the gadget we are presenting is of great use when it comes to personal health. With the craze regarding sun exposure and skin cancer people are trying to do everything they can to make sure that they minimize their risks. This also means minimizing sun exposure, especially when it comes to hot afternoon sun exposure. This is when this bracelet comes in handy. It helps those who have a higher risk make sure that they are spending only the adequate amount of time in the sun. Besides that, the bracelet is also extremely fashionable as it was designed by Louis Vuitton and created by Netatmo. But what does it do? Many have compared it with a wristband for fitness or a heart monitor, but it’s much more than that.

June – Smart Bracelet Which Tracks Your Sun Exposure

First of all the bracelet is known to be your own weather monitor and it’s the first one that actually measures the sun’s impact. It also syncs with any iOS devices and alerts those who use it throughout the day. The bracelet also comes with a few perks such as UV intensity measuring, daily habits tracking and also tips on how to take care of your skin. This is a great gift for a woman who is not only concerned about skin cancer but also for her appearance in general because sun exposure will also give them more wrinkles in the long run. Sun can be extremely deceiving and even light exposure to it or exposure during colder seasons might be dangerous even though it may appear harmless.

A perfect gadget for the sun exposure conscious woman, the June bracelet is an excellent way to stay fabulous while also making sure that you don’t get any skin damage.

The Bradley watch

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If you came here to read about an usual, average watch this is definitely not it. The Bradley watch, besides being a great concept that helps a lot of people, manages to be one of the coolest watches that ever existed. If you haven’t heard about this watch yet, it should be available soon in your location because it has just finished its pledge on Kickstarter which was a great success. But what makes this watch so cool? The fact that you don’t need to use your eyes to read it. However, this is not a watch created for blind people necessarily; it’s definitely a watch for everybody. Actually, because unusual watches are so appealing to a lot of folks, probably many customers will buy this watch not for its cool functionality but the way it looks. You just touch the dial and you will know what the time is.


How does it work? The watch comes with two small metallic balls. The balls move into two places, one indicating the minutes on the inside of the dial and the other indicating the hour, on the edge of the case. These are moved with the help of magnets so even if you disturb the ball’s place when touching the watch it will go back to its initial position once you move your wrist.

Why is this watch necessary? First of all, it is a great tool for people who can’t see because it’s very easy to use and has a sleek design. Besides that, it’s also a great tool for people who can see because they can check out their watch in situations where this is inappropriate like a date or the movies or even during their lunch meeting. This wouldn’t seem like a serious argument but just think of those times when you were having lunch with someone or listening to someone talk and they were completely boring; I bet you would have given your life just to know what time it is, but you couldn’t do it because it would have been impolite and may have upset the person. This is why this watch is so amazing and besides that, it looks extremely cool and has an average size that complements any wrist.

Unique Experiences You’ll Only Have On A Trip To Orange County

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Orange County, California has some of the best tourist attractions, nightlife, and food on the West Coast, and it also offers several unique experiences that any visitor has to try. Whether you’re looking for an adventure, some fun in the sun with friends or family, or are making a move to the area (possibly to retire), there are almost too many options to choose from.

Rent a boat

It may sound pricey, but if you can catch a Groupon or other deal, renting a boat is a fairly inexpensive way to see the sights and chill on the water for an afternoon. You can grab a Duffy boat a small, electric-powered watercraft–and head out with friends for a self-guided tour of Newport Bay. It’s about $100 per hour–with slight discounts as you move up–but each boat can accommodate up to ten people, and you can bring a cooler full of snacks on board. This is a lovely way to spend a couple of hours.

Eat At The Hobbit

This fine-dining experience must be seen to be believed. With a full wine cellar and exquisite, elegantly-prepared dishes, this is a meal you’ll want to splurge on. You’ll start in the cellar with champagne and hors d’oeuvres, then move on to your table for the rest of your seven-course meal. Just keep in mind that guys should wear jackets, and the usual Orange County casual attire won’t fly here; no flip flops allowed.

See some history

If you like a little history with your vacation, check out Old Towne Orange, a historic district that offers tons of small antique shops and one-of-a-kind eateries, plus concerts in the park and a farmer’s market. Here you’ll find a bit of small-town atmosphere without going too far from the beaches.

Speaking of beaches…

Newport Beach is one of the best places to spend time; not only is it clean and inviting, you can rent cottages at Crystal Cove that were built in the ‘30s and ‘40s and experience a little piece of history while you enjoy the breathtaking views. Here you can also go whale watching, take in a golf game, check out the gorgeous Sherman Library and Gardens, or even go on a murder mystery scavenger hunt, all while spending time outdoors.


If you’re looking to do some sightseeing but don’t want anything too high-maintenance, check out downtown Santa Ana. Here you’ll find a ton of specialty shops, art galleries and exhibitions, and awesome local food. Head to the Gypsy Den for vegetarian fare, a relaxed atmosphere, and wonderful coffee. You might also be treated to live music while you’re downtown.

Of course, there are many other things to see and do in Orange County. But if you want to approach your stay in the region with an eye toward the unique, these options are a great place to start.

Skateboard Backpack

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One of the staples of urban fashion, the skateboard backpack has managed to become one of the most popular way people carry their objects during the day, while also providing room to attach their skateboard. This amazingly versatile and useful accessory first appeared as a useful tool for skateboarders to carry their boards to school, on road trips, or while searching for skate spots. The way the backpack managed to fit the skateboard or longboard is by attaching it to the front by one or more Velcro straps.

In this way, you could easily access it without having to open too many pockets and you have the entire backpack available to store other objects. Skateboarders usually carried spare parts, tool and wax, but now a day’s people can carry anything from notebooks for school to groceries.


As technology evolved over the years and laptops become more and more available, backpack manufacturers adapted and created special compartments to store your laptop safely. This means that with one simple skateboard backpack, you can carry your laptop, your skateboard, books, and dozens of other products all securely strapped to your back.

Brands like Globe, Vans, Volcom or Zero are just a few skateboard firms that manufacture high quality and beautifully designed backpacks. This is where the amazing functionality of the backpack meets design and fashion. Some models have a normal design while others are real canvases for amazing graphics. They also come in interesting shapes and color combinations, creating a very versatile fashion accessory.

Regardless of the brand or the design or material choice, the vast majority of skateboard backpacks are extremely durable as they are created to resist rough surface of the skateboard grip tape as well as Vaseline or wax stains. Most of them are designed for urban comfort so they might not be the best choice for a long backpack trip through the woods where you need to carry water canteens and sleeping sacks.

They are however big enough to store the day to day necessary items and still allow the wearer to make his way comfortably through a crowded subway cart or a school hallway.

iGrill2 Bluetooth Smart Meat Thermometer

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Everybody loves food, but not everybody knows how to cook it well. Some of us don’t even know how to boil an egg, but those who are most experienced take temperature and other factors in consideration when they cook. If you are that type of person or you have a friend who is that type of person, the next gadget will certainly seem like a great idea.


Introducing the iGrill, a Bluetooth connectable, smart meal thermometer that will make your life easier. This little thing was created by people who wanted to combine their passion for good food that is cooked just right with their passion for electronics. And they managed to create something unique. The iGrill will help you know exactly when you have to take your meat off the grill so that it is cooked to perfection. No more experiments and no more bad taste in your mouth, literally. Now you can place your meat on your grill and just wait for the iGrill to tell you when to check it. This means that next time you are having friends over and you are the cook, you can actually talk to them and have a great time instead of permanently spending your time with the meat. And nobody has to know about your little secret. You can just excuse yourself whenever the iGrill announces that it’s time for you to check the meat and then serve the most perfect piece of steak you ever served, making any wannabe cooks at the table jealous.

A perfect way to create the best romantic dinner stake while actually spending time with your significant other, iGrill works in all occasions when excellent cooking is mandatory. And if you don’t like cooking yourself but you have a friend who loves that, you should definitely offer this smart gadget as a gift.

G-Paws Pet GPS Tracker

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Every cat or dog owner’s nightmare is having his cute pet lost. Sometimes a cat or a dog can travel for miles and sometimes they have a hard time coming back home. Other times they might get stolen, especially if they are purebred. Whatever the case, having a cool GPS tracker on your cat will make your life a lot easier. Buying G-Paws Pet GPS Tracker is a great way to ensure your friend’s safety not to mention the cool perks it can offer you.

G-Paws Pet GPS Tracker

First of all G-Paws is the world’s lightest GPS weighing just about 11 grams. This makes it easy to wear by both dogs and cats not to mention the fact that it can go completely undetected. Besides actually searching for your cat or dog, the GPS allows you to measure what your animal does at night. Dogs usually don’t wander at night, or at least they aren’t allowed by their owners, but this is extremely useful for a cat owner as it allows them to see where their cat wanders and if those areas are safe for it.

But how does this cool gadget work? First of all, the G-Paws uses a high sensitivity GPS receiver that detects and records its movement every 5 seconds. This recorder will show you exactly what the movements of your animal are and where they are headed. It can also store hundreds of journeys so that you can easily make a pattern and see exactly what areas attract your animal. All the data collected is transferred to a PC or laptop. Another cool feature is the power down feature, which allows the G-Paws to shut down when there is no motion. This way you can see whether your animal has spent their day lying on the floor or walking about. You can also create a profile through the gadget and upload pictures of your pet, just like a social website.