Navitron Steampunk Wrist Sundial

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Gadgets nowadays have the latest technology to make them more practical but sometimes there is no need for all of that. The perfect example of simple but cool gadgets would be the Navitron Steampunk Wrist Sundial that can replace your regular watch with a lot of style and certainly make for an interesting accessory. This old school watch doesn’t need batteries and will always give you the exact time as long as the sun is out, you just have to hold it steady and the watch will do the rest.

Navitron Steampunk Wrist Sundial

It is a very cool approach to watches and using the sun to know the time is certainly a lost art. The design looks great but some might argue that the size makes it a bit too uncomfortable; this is due to the fact that it doesn’t just have a sundial, it also has a compass. This makes it the perfect choice for camping or just for showing off your old school style. The model is made to work in the Northern Hemisphere so in order to read it in the Southern Hemisphere, you will have to read the number on the opposite side of the dial.

The style is completed with the leather band that has an antiqued brass and the overall result is amazing. The style of the dial with the Roman numbers and the writing on the bottom add elegance to this old school watch and while it may not be the best choice for everyday use, it does make an awesome gadget to wear on special occasions and turn some heads while you tell them what time it is. The unique features also make it the perfect idea for a gift, especially for someone that enjoy the outdoors and likes going camping often; they will surely appreciate the thought went into buying this sundial watch. It is a very affordable gadget to have at under $50 and with no extra costs such as batteries. Be ready to start an adventure with this cool piece on your wrist that will always point you in the right direction and make sure you know how much daylight you have left.

Wireless Audio Docks

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Just as it happened with headphones, the audio docks’ market has recently exploded with the wide spread of mobile players and smartphones.  Long time considered low quality products, they enjoy nowadays a good position as high-end audio accessories as they no longer fall on the second place when compared to a hi-fi stereo device.

Highly oriented towards iPhone and iPod touch, the existing models will have to go through a fast revolution with the arrival of iPhone 5 on the market. Indeed, this was the first time since 2003, when Apple introduced the Dock connector, that the reputed company decided to switch to a Lightning connection port. While some consumer groups find the change outrageous, others think it was but logical, even inevitable, considering the permanent quest for miniaturization in the smartphones’ sector.

Yet there is a solution for those who do not want to depend on a single plug or to buy an adapter sold by Apple for 29 € and it comes in the form of wireless docks. With these connector free devices, you run fewer risks of incompatibility. Two standards are currently popular on the market: Bluetooth and AirPlay.

Wireless Audio Docks

The first has the advantage of working with most types of equipment, regardless of brand or operating system. Unfortunately, it comes with two drawbacks: a bigger battery and a sound quality that is far from ideal. You can blame the latter on a technical limitation that compresses the audio signal to 128 kB/s.

The AirPlay is limited to Apple products, but it begins to be widely adopted by manufacturers, especially on high-end models. Fans will appreciate, however, the quality of its lossless signal which allows users to operate uncompressed audio files. As it usually happens, quality comes with a price and these devices are considerably more expensive than the Bluetooth ones.

Kindle Paperwhite

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Amazon, the American group whose e-reader has revolutionized the books’ market and has made electronic ink popular worldwide, has recently issued three new products on the market: two new versions of their Kindle Fire tablet, including an HD one, and a new Kindle Paperwhite with built-in lighting. But this is not the only technical feature able of making Kindle Paperwhite the new hip of the gadgets’ market.

With 62% more pixels and a contrast increased by 25%, Amazon’s new reading device features a 6-inch touch screen and weighs 213 grams A lot thinner (by 9 mm) than the previous products, with a shorter recharge time (only 4 hours) and two months autonomy, Kindle Paperwhite is an amazing e-reader with a lot of user friendly features. The internal memory of 2 GB enables users to stock an impressive number of books.

 Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon has always based its e-readers on the electronic ink technology E-Ink Pearl, but Kindle Paperwhite takes the reading experience to a new level by its incorporated lighting system, placed on the sides of the screen. Therefore, if you love reading in darkness, you can continue enjoying your book, even in low-light, without disturbing your roommates or your spouse.

Dressed in a black hull, Kindle Paperwhite, is currently available only on the American market, but the prices are really affordable: 119 dollars for the Wi-Fi model and 179 dollars for the 3G version. If you want to get a version without ads, you will have to pay more, though. An additional 20 dollars fee is charged if advertising annoys you.

The result of four years work, Kindle Paperwhite has already impressed many customers, but it has also raised some critics. There are those who argue that the side-lighting is somehow unnatural and that there is still a lot to be done in the electronic ink field until the e-reading experience will equal the hard cover books’ one.

4 Cool Gifts For Golf Lovers

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Is your dad, your husband or somebody close to you into golf? Here are some gift ideas that will make them extremely happy, especially since you will find some things they always wanted to buy but were reluctant.

Improving their game with a book – A book about golf strategies is probably a great idea if the person you are getting the gift for is trying to improve their game. This is great because it shows you care about their hobby which should probably be one of the things that will make it such a cool gift. You can find strategy books for golf from 5 dollars going up to 100 dollars and some even come with instructional DVDs for people who are willing to spend more.

Complete Golf Set

16-Piece Complete Golf Set – this should probably impress them, especially if they don’t own a set yet and they are just starting to play golf. You can get one from about 200 dollars going up to a few thousand, depending on the company that manufactures it. A 16 piece golf set is perfect because it contains all the elements they need for a perfect game.

The Trigger Point Performance Golf Kit – this is one of the coolest gifts you can give a golf lover because they will be impressed by the fact that you care enough for them to get them this. This kit actually contains tools that will perfectly massage the parts of the body that have the greatest impact during the swing. If your friend has pain in those areas after a few games, this is the perfect gift for the. For a cool touch, you can pair it up with a nice massage lotion. It costs about 100 to 150 dollars but it’s definitely something they will remember.

Practice Balls – getting them a pack with 16 or 20 practice balls is another useful and cool gift if your friend is a golfer. It’s not that expensive as you can find packs ranging from 20 dollars to about 40 or 60 so it’s great for those times when you want to show that you care about their hobby without burning a hole in your pocket.

How To Find A Last Minute Gift

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Finding a last minute gift can be a challenge for most of us and let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. You either find out just before the birthday party is about to start or you simply postponed it until it was too late. So now you have to get a present for that person and you only have a few options.

Candies and wine – If it’s extremely late and most of the stores are closed a box of chocolate candies and a bottle of wine seem to be the best solution if you are looking to offer a girl something nice. Another idea would be a bottle of whiskey or scotch for a man but you can also get them a bottle of expensive wine or champagne.


If you have a little more time on your hand, like a couple of hours or so you can get a basket of goods for that person. This is a perfect gift for almost any opportunity. If it’s a Valentine’s Day gift you can get a basket with chocolates or gourmet food and you both can enjoy. If the gift is a retirement gift or something more formal, it’s still a great gift as long as it contains a good bottle of wine and expensive chocolate or food. There are many companies that offer these services and you can easily create your own basket of goods. The basket can be delivered to you or directly to the person that needs tor receive it. Food gifts are always great because everybody likes them and there’s no way you can fail with them.

If you are buying a gift for a woman, an expensive perfume or some makeup will definitely do the trick. Make sure that you don’t buy any crazy fragrances or colors and always get advice from other women if you are a man. The people who sell them should be able to provide some guidance in choosing that gift.

A last minute gift for a child is usually something that can be bought anywhere. You can get them books or a toy, these are great because you can even find them in supermarkets. Another idea is to buy them a board game, kids love board games and they can play it with other kids too. Don’t forget about video games either, they are easy to find and buy and they will make the child extremely happy.

These are just a few last minute gift ideas, but basically you can buy anything you will find in a store. Just make sure that it doesn’t look last minute and make sure that it is nicely wrapped.

Good Kids Tablets

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Children love gadgets, and in a modern world where anybody has gadgets it would be expected that children would have theirs. It is fascinating how this new world of gadget has managed to reach children too and if you want your little one to get into gadgets and into new tech you will have to start from an early age. The new children tablets are equipped not only with fun games for children but also with puzzles and games that will enhance their intellect and creativity.

Barbie Fashion tablet

This might not have all the high tech of your top of the line tablets, nor does it have the many apps you get with other gadgets, however the fact is that the makers of this tablet never really intended to make a tablet for adults. This tablet is great for your beautiful princess who is absolutely in love with the color pink; the fact that it has Barbie on it definitely gives it a big plus. Unfortunately this tablet doesn’t have a colored LCD but it does have a sensitive touch screen so your little girl can easily perform a lot of activities from writing to vocabulary and memorizing. The price is about 50 dollars and you can’t really complain because it’s really affordable.

Archos Child Pad 2

This is definitely a tablet that gets closer to the idea of tablet as it has a 1 GB RAM and a 1GHZ processor and lots of programs that will enhance your children’s creativity. Another cool thing is the fact that you will be able to control the websites your child visits because it comes with parental control; also, they will be able to check out the Kids App Store. The tablet works with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which means that you will easily be able to get most apps on it.

Genius Kids Designer II Tablet

This is definitely a tablet that you want to get if your child is more on the designer side. It comes with Android and it has about 15 games with different difficulty levels that your children can easily enjoy but also a cordless stylus for them to draw with. The tablet is about 70 dollars so it’s pretty affordable if you want to surprise your kid.

Gift Ideas for Young Girls

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The time when cars were strictly for boys and dolls for girls has passed, but you can not change nature. Therefore, there will always be gifts which certainly go for a girl and others that make boys happy.

Dolls and teddy bears

All girls love them. Small, disproportionate, endearing or funny, colorful or classic, teddy bears want only one thing: to be held very tight and to be told little secrets. This is why young girls adore them: they are the silent confidents of their most intimate thoughts and they are so soft and delicate that girls cannot stop playing with them.

Dolls are another classic idea when it comes to choosing a gift for a young girl. There are so many options: blond, brunette or red-haired, dressed like a princess or like a contemporary business woman. However, if your girl already has her room filled with dolls, you can opt for some doll accessories as these are never sufficient or you can help her play her mother’s role by offering her a miniature kitchen set or a small sewing machine.

Decoration objects

It is a widely known fact that girls are more interested in aesthetics than boys. This is why they will appreciate receiving as gift a nice bedside lamp or a poster with their favorite star to hang on the wall of their bedroom. Other ideas would refer to a make-up kit, a nicely decorated diary or some girlish jewels. They will simply love any bracelet, necklace or pair of earrings in a pastel color or bearing distinctive symbols such as her zodiac sign, clover leaves, hearts or roses. The material is not important when choosing jewelry for young girls, but you have to make sure it sparkles and glitters.

Sports equipment

For those who love outdoor activities, ice or inline skates, scooters or bikes can become a well chosen present. Skipping ropes, hoops and other such devices are a good choice for those who are fans of dance and gymnastics as they will be delighted to have some accessories to train and adjust their choreography on the melody of their favorite song. Then they will offer you an unforgettable show to display their talents. Of course, the little champions also like fashion. Therefore, feel free to offer them a jogging suit, a kimono (if they are fans of martial arts), a skating or swimsuit or any other piece of clothing appropriate for their hobbies.

Cool Last Minute Gifts

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There’s always a time when you find yourself in a position to buy a last minute gift, either you have waited too long and procrastinated your purchase or you found out too late about the event you are going to attend. Either way, it is always useful to have a list with last minute gifts in mind. There are two categories here: things you can buy from almost any store and things you can do yourself at home.

Homemade gifts are probably the best when it comes to gifts in general but it might be hard to create something homemade when you are in a hurry.

Candle Jar – just take some jars, some candles that will have to be melted and create a candle jar in about a half an hour. If you have time and you are really good at drawing, you can even make a few designs on the jar, just to give it a little more personality.

A cup of goodies – notice that I didn’t mention a basket of goodies since everybody does that. This will imply you having to go to the store but in the end it’s slightly homemade. So get a big cup, the biggest you can find and fill it with candies, chocolate bars and even a few vanilla sticks held together with a ribbon for aesthetic purposes. It will make a great treat for a special lady friend and she will always remember your unique gift.

Last minute gifts that can be bought are easier to obtain so here are some helpful ideas:

Virtual Gifts – things like gift cards for a website, a cool ebook or even a new album they have been meaning to listen to, these all make wonderful last minute gifts that can be purchased fast. You can also buy them a subscription at a virtual magazine or, if they love playing mmorpg games, a few more months to extend their subscription to their favorite game.

General goods – these can also be great for a person you don’t know well and they usually are the first things that come into mind when thinking about a last minute gift: a bottle of expensive wine or champagne, a box of chocolates, or a nice bouquet of flowers.

4 Gifts To Symbolize Friendship

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When trying to buy something beautiful for a friend, you should definitely choose an object that symbolizes your friendship. There is a plethora of things that you can buy, but try to keep it simple as you don’t want your gesture to come as too cheesy.

Friendship bracelets – a friendship bracelet is probably the general symbol of friendship. These can be really cheap but their symbolic value is definitely more extended than other types of gifts. If you have been friends with somebody for a long time, they will surely appreciate a friendship bracelet.

Matching T-shirts – matching T-Shirts can be a really cool way to show to the world that you are best buddies and you cannot be separated, not even when it comes to fashion. You can even take T-shits that complement each other and wear them together. For example one T-Shirt should have the first half of the joke while the other one has the punch line on their T-shirt. This way all people will have to see you two together to understand the whole idea of your matching T-Shirts.

Matching Jewelry – these are similar to friendship bracelets but you will have to spend a bit more money. If you and your friend are not teenagers anymore or simply want something that also has financial value, you can make matching jewelries. There are a lot of stores and even independent artists that can make jewelry engraved with dedications so that you and your friend could wear.

Their Favorite Book – they already have their favorite book on their shelf but what you should do is to make sure that they have a hardcover version from you with a nice dedication. Perhaps a quote that inspires friendship or something similar would be most appropriate.

In the end, the best way to show your friendship for somebody is actually spending a great time with them and getting them something from the heart. Perhaps a smaller but more significant gift is always the best answer as it is not the financial value that counts but the sentimental value and the memories it creates.

Angry Birds Cool Gifts

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Angry Birds is a hugely popular game where the player controls wingless birds and the main objective is to kill all the pigs on the map; this involves careful shooting and a fun environment. The fact that this game has over 500 million downloads, if we consider the games across all platforms, makes it one of the most famous games right now. Not only is the game a great success and very addictive, but the countless Angry Birds inspired items can be the perfect gift in every situation.

angry birds

Cool Angry Birds gifts can come in many shapes and sizes and a good example of that would be the speakers. They are meant to great sound quality wherever you go and the fact that they look like the famous birds makes them very adorable. There are three models currently available, the black bird, the red bird and the helmet pig. While the red one is compatible with a variety of devices, the other two are only available for Apple products such as iPad, iPhone and iPad. It can be very easy to connect to speakers to your device and listen to your favorite music.

Another great gift would be an Angry Birds pillow. The perfect size and the fluffy material used to make them means that they will look great on your bed and you can also hug them while you sleep. Angry Birds pillows are available of all the characters found in the game and they give you the chance to practice the game in real life; while they will not bring down any buildings, they are surely very fun.

There are also other Angry Birds items which would make the perfect gift. The only thing you need to do is make sure that the person getting these gifts actually played the game and liked it. With so many people downloading it, most people know about it but maybe not everyone is a fan. Cool gifts that resemble the popular characters can be easily found online and if you are a fan, it is hard to resist the urge to get something.