Winter Gifts – Small But Cute

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There are many kinds of gifts to choose from, especially for the winter. While some might be big and expensive, the same effect can be obtained with something small but cute, something special that can bring joy to the cold season. Small gifts are always cute and it can be easy to find one with a special meaning so that the lucky person getting it can hold on to it for a long time.

As it is with most winter gifts, there are certain elements that can be found, certain colors and a specific joy that can only be associated with Christmas. This being said, the small and cute gifts are not just for this holiday but for every occasion that can appear during the winter.

Small toys or decorative figurines are some of the most amazing gifts you can find for this season; they are very affordable, small and cute. Things such as angels, small animals and cartoon characters are the most popular choices because they are usually very colorful and they look great; not to mention that most of them can also act as decorations for the Christmas Tree.

Since we are talking about ornaments for Christmas, there also some great gift ideas that can turn any house into a welcoming and colorful place of magic during the holidays. Stockings, special silverware, holiday wreaths and many other gifts are always welcomed. Chocolate can be found in various forms and flavors so for the winter, think about getting some small chocolate stars, trees or pretty much anything else you can think of. It is one of the sweetest gifts and everybody likes chocolate, especially when it is in the shape of Santa.

Although books are not as popular as they used to be due to the electronic devices that are available, it doesn’t mean that buying a winter themed book is not a good idea. There are many stories that are about the cold season and the holidays that happen in this period and people of all ages can enjoy one of these books.

Remember that this is the season to be jolly and it is always better to give than to receive.

New Baby or Baby Shower Gifts

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If you are looking for a gift suitable for somebody who just had a baby or somebody celebrating Baby Shower, you will soon find out that these are not anxiety causing events, but ways to enjoy yourself and get something meaningful for your loved ones.

Traditionally people offer gifts that are designed for the mother and the child but they can also offer gifts designed for the father or something really unique. There is no limit to what you can offer, just make sure it’s from the heart.  You can get something that will help the mother in her future journey of raising her child.

If you are looking for something typical, you can always buy some diapers, cool baby bottles, clothes or even toys. If you are looking to buy these items, make sure that you find a good store that uses high quality products, you wouldn’t want to harm the baby with products that may be unsafe.

When it comes to toys, there are all kinds you can choose but don’t forget to buy something that they will use early so it is suitable for smaller ages. You can also try to get something like a beautifully crafted photo album where parents can put pictures with different stages in their baby’s life and show it to him or her later.  If you want to go really high tech you can get them digital picture frames and you will surely find some very suitable for children with cute drawings and lots of colors.

If you buy clothes and the baby is already born you will definitely need to ask for their measures and make sure that you get the right size. Babies can grow really fast in the first month after birth and you might get something that doesn’t fit. If you have problems finding out the baby’s size you should always get a bigger size, just to be sure – sooner or later they will get to that size. Also make sure that you know the sex of the baby first.

You can also buy more significant gifts such as furniture for the baby’s room or their first walker. There are no limitations to what you can buy as long as you offer something from the heart.

Smartparts SPX12 – The Cool Gadget Frame

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Well, digital picture frames have begun to slowly, but surely replace the entire picture stand that our grandparents have. But since there are so many options available on the market manufacturers have begun to improve their products by the use of different technologies. And this is exactly what Smartparts SPX12 has done. The Smartparts SPX12 is the cool gadget which you might want in order to truly experience great digital image quality and ease of use. What makes the Smartparts SPX12 unique is the fact that it comes with new software known as SyncPix which has been preinstalled on the frame. This software will help you to transfer your images directly from an USB flash drive or a memory card, adjust them to a different size and store them in the frame’s memory.

And the best part of this is that the entire process is fully automated, meaning that all you need to do is to plug in your memory stick and the frame will copy and adjust the pictures without any hassle. And besides this copying function, the software also comes with a couple of different slideshow and presentation options which you might enjoy. The latter is not the best aspect of the software, and some might consider them as being a bit simple considering other options on the market. Even so, the transfer feature of the software still remains a big plus. Another plus to the Smartparts SPX12 is that it has motion sensor, meaning that if there is no motion, the frame will enter sleep mode for lesser power consumption.

The Smartparts SPX12 is a 12.1 inch model, with a surrounding wood frame and white margins. The wooden frame is detachable, so you can easily replace it with something you desire more.  You can mount the frame on the wall both horizontally and vertically by the use of a rotating disk. And besides the main display function, the Smartparts SPX12 also comes with two small speakers which allow you to accompany the images with an MP3 track of your choosing. The internal memory of the frame is 256 MB and it works with only JPEG files. So, if you want a cool gadget frame which will permit you to see your lovely moments, then you might want to consider the Smartparts SPX12.

Surround Sound Headphones

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All music lovers will be ecstatic when they will hear about this great gadget. The surround sound headphones not only offer you really good music quality but they also offer you a whole new experience when it comes to music. You will be able to listen to your favorite band and feel like you are at their concert while walking on the street. A lot of these great gadgets come with a 7.1 system that will make you jump with horror whenever you are looking at a thriller movie.

 It doesn’t actually matter if you like to play video games, watch a great movie, or listen to a concert, the surround headphones will give you this incredible experience without having to disturb all the neighbors.

If you prefer something cheaper but not as incredible you can choose a 5.1 system, but for those of you obsessed with sound, the 7.1 system is absolutely amazing. It has 7 surround channels and a subwoofer with customizable setting that will help you even more to obtain that unique experience. You also get some extra headband pads, on ear audio controls, easy USB connection and a really long 10 foot cable that ensures your mobility.

 It also comes with a microphone so if you are a gamer, you will love talking to your teammates and experiencing something that will make your virtual reality seem like the real thing. You will always be able to know the location of the sound which is critical to all good gamers that want to hear the enemy’s steps and win the game.

 Even if you are not a fan yourself, you can buy this for a gamer friend or for somebody who likes to make music. The price is a bit high for 7.1 models and it’s usually between 70-150 dollars. However, if you don’t have enough money you can get something a bit cheaper that will only be 5.1, but works really great if you are not picky and you don’t want the best of the best.

 Now you can play your favorite games with this wonderful gadget or you can enjoy a movie and relax after a hard day by entering a new world. Pair it up with a wide screen and a comfortable coach and you have the best entertaining device ever. A gadget like this will surely put a smile on your face everyday.

Hello Kitty Fujifilm Pivi Mobile Printer

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You probably heard of Hello Kitty, one of the most popular brands in the world. Hello Kitty is the invention of the Japanese company Sanrio and has been around since 1974. Since then it has become a part of the Japanese culture. Well, combine that with a mobile printer and you have the cutest gadget. Actually, putting Hello Kitty on everything instantly makes that item more popular. So, how about this great wireless printer with Hello Kitty? It prints your phone photos without having to use a PC and it does it in less than 2 minutes.

 This pocket gadget is absolutely amazing and a great gift for everybody. If you have a girlfriend that loves Hello Kitty, she will definitely enjoy this gadget. If you have a daughter who is into gadgets, she will love Hello Kitty even more. Its size is very small, it’s almost like a CD case and it makes great photos. It prints the photos from your phone and it uses infrared for data transfer. Also, it runs on lithium batteries so that makes it great to take it wherever you go. Another cool thing about it is the fact that it prints great photos and you will always be able to actually have the photo you take with your phone. This way you will have the moments forever.


You can also buy some special paper from Fujifilm that will go great with this camera; that paper comes with Hello Kitty or Disney design so it makes a great addition to your gift. The photos will also have Disney or Hello Kitty on the back, making this a wonderful experience.

 Who should receive this gift? Well, it is suitable for girls of any age. Actually, women can receive it also because there is no woman out that that doesn’t like Hello Kitty. If you want to get it as a gift for a boy or a man you should buy the version without a Hello Kitty theme, otherwise he won’t probably use it around other males. A teenage girl, however, would be the best candidate for this gift as it would probably make her run around screaming with happiness. If you want to go a little bit far, you can also buy a Hello Kitty phone from the thousands of phones with Hello Kitty themes available out there. This way, your birthday girl will have a complete set.

Electronic Organizer

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Do you have to go to the birthday party of your boss or a coworker but have no idea what to buy them? Are you trying to buy something useful for your father-in-law or a friend who is busy all the time? Perhaps an electronic organizer is the best gift you can buy. An electronic organizer is just like a notebook but you keep everything in there and it will announce you when you have your next meeting. Some come with built in keyboards while others are as simple as they can be. Electronic organizers are the best gift you can buy a busy person and you will be sure that your gift will actually be used.


An electronic organizer keeps track of all your meetings, it can be your address book, calendar, or clock. Some of them act like mini computers that you just hold in your pockets. The great thing about them is the fact that you can actually play some games while you are waiting for somebody and even write on it if you need to write an idea. You may be thinking why someone would buy this when there are so many tablets and smart phones out there.  Well, the first reason is their price. They are extremely inexpensive. You can find older models for even less than 10 dollars but there are new models that can cost about 20-30 dollars. This is great because not all of us can buy an expensive phone and since you are buying it as a gift it’s a much cheaper alternative. It works really well for teenagers that don’t need those expensive gadgets but who have a busy program that must be tracked. Also, you probably know somebody attached to their old phone and you figured out that they would probably need an organizer but would never agree on buying a new phone. So there are lots of reasons why you would buy an electronic organizer for somebody.

Some cool organizers also come with wireless internet connection so you are able to check and write emails and even browse the web. Those with better graphics are somewhat more expensive and some even go to 100 dollars or more. However, the best thing about them is the fact that you can find one for any type of budget and be able to buy a gift that is not only cool but also useful.

Spy Tools For Every James Bond Fan

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We all know that men don’t grow up and that the only difference between a boy and a man is the size of their toys. If you liked James Bond as you were growing up or if just like spying gadgets, here are some that will surely leave you pleasantly impressed.

Cameras are the main tools used when you need to get information without anyone knowing they are being recorded; the smaller the size, the better you can hide and the better the footage. Your standard small spying camera has about 2 mp and can record up to 8 hours of high resolution 640×480 video. It is small and it can be hidden very easily and you can also use it as normal web camera when you decide to take a day off from saving the world and just talk with your friend. The price is somewhere between $150 and $200 depending on the model, size and image quality.

motion detect pen camera

If you want something stealthier, you can get a spy watch, basically like those we see in movies. It can record color video and audio and it can be easily connected to a PC by an USB cable. You can take pictures with it or record the conversation with your friends or even better, with your enemies. It is a pretty cool gadget to have around; the camera and the microphone are on the side of the watch and there is also built-in memory that can vary around a few GB. Don’t worry, the watch is still a watch and it maintains its time-telling feature.

Another option would be to get a pen with a built-in camera and microphone. This is very similar to the watch as far as its features but it can be moved around easier. It can record up to two hours of video, depending on the battery and it can be connected to the PC by USB. It is a very nifty gadget that most men will find interesting.

You can now become a real life secret agent; you can get all the gadgets you need and you just have to find the bad guy, good luck.

Coolest Gadget – iPhone Microscope

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Everybody is crazy about iPhones nowadays and people are always trying to get the new applications and the new cool gadgets designed for them. Actually one of the main reasons why people are so in love with iPhones is the fact that you can actually add new gadgets and change their purpose in a second. The new gadget for iPhone is a good argument for this theory because it’s actually a camera that will transform your phone into a microscope. Forget about those big microscopes you use, this baby will be extremely useful if you are frequently in need of a microscope. You just attach this to your iPhone camera and it magnifies everything 60x. Imagine how much fun you are going to have with your hands while analyzing different things with this cool gadget. This also makes for a perfect gift for any geek out there with a passion for iPhones and, perhaps, biology.


If you are wondering about its features you should know that it comes with a LED light so that you can enjoy the experience even more. Also, you can take pictures of the things you magnify which is extremely cool because those are really unique and you usually need a pretty expensive camera to do that. It also has a violet light if you are planning on marking money and catching people taking bribes. So, if you work as a detective this can really turn out to be extremely useful. If not, I’m sure you can find a really good use for that violet light.

If you are expecting a really high price for this great gadget, you are wrong. It only costs about 30 dollars, so it can be a great addition to your other iPhone gadgets. Some are even cheaper, you can actually find a few microscopes that are as cheap as 10$ if you know how to look for bargains but that gadget can only magnify to up to 45x. So, if you want a really good microscope function for your iPhone you will have to pay a little more.

With this incredibly cool and geeky gadget you will be able to enjoy your hobby wherever you go without having to carry around your microscope with you. The fact that it allows you to take high quality pictures of your discoveries makes this an even more fun to have gadget for your iPhone.


Top 4 iPhone Accessories

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If your friend or relative has a bit of a crush on iPhone you should probably buy them more accessories for it as a gift. That will surely impress them and they are also very practical. Here are the best and the most useful accessories for iPhone that will definitely make a perfect gift.

Chargers and vehicle accessories – your friend probably has a charger already but there are many types of chargers such as car chargers or sun chargers. These can be extremely helpful for a person who travels a lot, and they are also quite inexpensive gifts ranging from 10 to 100 dollars. Other cool vehicle accessories will include hands free mounts that are perfect for those long car rides.

Iphone Charger

Portable speakers and headsets – if you are planning to buy a gift for a music lover these are the best you can get. With a great portable speaker they can listen to loud music everywhere they go, the lowest price is only about 30 dollars. If you want something super high tech you can go for speakers that are 200 dollars, those will definitely make a big difference. For headphones there is a wide variety of models that you can choose from. You can buy them some big expensive headphones that will definitely make them feel the real sound of music. You can also buy cute headphones that have different shapes and sizes; these are perfect for music loving girls and they come in different designs like Hello Kitty, Snoopy, or other cute cartoons. Bluetooth headphones are also amazing and they have a great feel to them because they are wireless. You can also use them as hands free accessories while you are driving.

Audio and Video cables – these are great as they help you connect your iPhone with your home entertainment system. If you want something that really proves to be useful around the house, those cables are definitely worth their money. You can also get some portable speakers and you have your own travel portable cinema.

Portable Cinema

These great iPhone accessories are such a great gift for anybody who has an iPhone and they are the types of gifts that are really useful. You can also find them at any gadget store and they are available for all types of iPhones. However, they are probably more suitable for younger people as they are usually more passionate about their iPhones.