Best Gifts for a Couple

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Anniversaries and Christmas parties’ invitations sound fun until you realize you’re supposed to bring some gifts. They’re your best friends, you’ve been following their romance from the very beginning, and suddenly you get this great idea. Why not buy something they both could enjoy? It’s not a question of money, it saves you the headache of finding two presents. One present for two people, that sounds doable! Indeed, but what should you choose? Here are a few ideas to make your life easier and your shopping hassle-free!

Silk sheets

This works if you’re really good friends with the happy couple and can afford to show up with a cheeky gift like this. Pick a color to match their bedroom decorations and you can add a bottle of wine, perfect for a romantic night. No doubt they’ll be pleased with your gift, not to mention how much fun everybody at the party will have seeing what you bought.

Couple bracelets

That’s a very sweet and thoughtful gift for a young couple. Find a set with two matching bracelets they can wear as a reminder of the love they have for each other. Couple bracelets are meant to complete each other, just as your friends complete each other’s life. Best thing you can do is to look for something handmade, perhaps with a gemstone that might have a special meaning for your friends.

Lovers’ statue

If their love is fairly new and passionate, a lovers’ statue would look great in their living room. Look for something cute and tasteful, like a little statue of a man and a woman holding each other.

Champagne for two

Not just a bottle of champagne, think in terms of a set with two magnificent crystal glasses they will have for many, many years. They will surely appreciate the thought as it is such a personal gift, something only the two of them can enjoy.

Ceramic pizza stone

If they’ve only recently moved together, anything in the kitchen department will be highly appreciated. Obviously you cannot show up with a frying pan, that’s lame, but who doesn’t like pizza? Or have some of your common friends chip in and buy a sleek coffee machine for the lovely couple. And two personalized mugs to go with it.

Luxury fragrance set

A classy gift suitable for every occasion. Who doesn’t appreciate a bottle of perfume? Best do some snooping around to see what sort of fragrances the lady of the house prefers. Women are hard to please when it comes to perfumes!

Lyrics on canvas

Custom-made gifts are always appreciated as they show you put in some thought in choosing that present. If you know their favorite song, perhaps the song they danced to on their wedding night, you can order a canvas painting with the lyrics that must have a very special meaning for them.

Date-night ideas

There comes a time in every couple’s life when routine sets in and they kinda tend to spend their nights in front of the TV. Help them spice up their life with a novelty 100 date-night ideas board or notebook. The latter is especially fun as besides offering new and funny ideas, the notebook can be used to write down exactly how the date felt or a funny incident that happened that night.

Special experience

Surprise your friends with tickets to a concert of their favorite artist, or maybe a theater performance. Once again, you can ask other people to chip in so you can buy them tickets to a show they cannot really afford. Young couples need such special nights together to create memories. Just make sure they don’t already have tickets to that show!

His & Her Bathrobe

Look for something luxurious, something soft and comfy. A set of bathrobes in matching colors are always an elegant gift. You can never have too many bathrobes. If you feel it’s not enough you can add matching slippers, something definitely fluffy. Or you can buy a set of expensive his&her towels in a luxury set. If you can get their initials embroidered, even better.

Whatever you choose for your friends make sure the gift feels special, let it show you care enough to go out of the way to find something unique for them. The best choice for this couple of friends is a personalized gift or a handmade item! They’re special to you and they’re special as a couple!

Replica Luggage Bag

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Let’s face it you are a traveler and you are a fashionista, but you don’t have a millionaires bounty of money; with that being said buying  replica handbags  is a smart alternative to the expense of the real thing.

Buying a high quality designer replica will serve your fashion sense as well as being functional; so when it comes to buying replica designer luggage there are a few things you need to know.

Research the numerous designer options that are available; there is nothing that is more embarrassing and frustrating then buying luggage and finding out it is so last year. You need to take a few minutes and flip through travel and the latest editions of fashion magazines to see the latest designer luggage collections so you can find a suitable replica and avoid the embarrassment.

Decide on how many pieces you want to have and what you need; while being in fashion important; at the end of the day you need luggage that will suit your travel needs.

This means you need to take a good look at your travel needs; take into account how often you travel the amount of things you pack and that will help you determine the size of the designer replica suitcases you need to purchase.

When it comes to setting your price range be realistic; even if it is a replica sometimes a designer replica can still cost a pretty penny.

So with that in mind, once you make a decision about what size and how many pieces of luggage you need, you need to go online and research the sites that sell these designer imitation purses.

Make sure the vendor you are buying from guarantees the luggage in case something is wrong with it once you get it, make sure they are a reputable dealer.

The Bradley watch

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If you came here to read about an usual, average watch this is definitely not it. The Bradley watch, besides being a great concept that helps a lot of people, manages to be one of the coolest watches that ever existed. If you haven’t heard about this watch yet, it should be available soon in your location because it has just finished its pledge on Kickstarter which was a great success. But what makes this watch so cool? The fact that you don’t need to use your eyes to read it. However, this is not a watch created for blind people necessarily; it’s definitely a watch for everybody. Actually, because unusual watches are so appealing to a lot of folks, probably many customers will buy this watch not for its cool functionality but the way it looks. You just touch the dial and you will know what the time is.


How does it work? The watch comes with two small metallic balls. The balls move into two places, one indicating the minutes on the inside of the dial and the other indicating the hour, on the edge of the case. These are moved with the help of magnets so even if you disturb the ball’s place when touching the watch it will go back to its initial position once you move your wrist.

Why is this watch necessary? First of all, it is a great tool for people who can’t see because it’s very easy to use and has a sleek design. Besides that, it’s also a great tool for people who can see because they can check out their watch in situations where this is inappropriate like a date or the movies or even during their lunch meeting. This wouldn’t seem like a serious argument but just think of those times when you were having lunch with someone or listening to someone talk and they were completely boring; I bet you would have given your life just to know what time it is, but you couldn’t do it because it would have been impolite and may have upset the person. This is why this watch is so amazing and besides that, it looks extremely cool and has an average size that complements any wrist.

Skateboard Backpack

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One of the staples of urban fashion, the skateboard backpack has managed to become one of the most popular way people carry their objects during the day, while also providing room to attach their skateboard. This amazingly versatile and useful accessory first appeared as a useful tool for skateboarders to carry their boards to school, on road trips, or while searching for skate spots. The way the backpack managed to fit the skateboard or longboard is by attaching it to the front by one or more Velcro straps.

In this way, you could easily access it without having to open too many pockets and you have the entire backpack available to store other objects. Skateboarders usually carried spare parts, tool and wax, but now a day’s people can carry anything from notebooks for school to groceries.


As technology evolved over the years and laptops become more and more available, backpack manufacturers adapted and created special compartments to store your laptop safely. This means that with one simple skateboard backpack, you can carry your laptop, your skateboard, books, and dozens of other products all securely strapped to your back.

Brands like Globe, Vans, Volcom or Zero are just a few skateboard firms that manufacture high quality and beautifully designed backpacks. This is where the amazing functionality of the backpack meets design and fashion. Some models have a normal design while others are real canvases for amazing graphics. They also come in interesting shapes and color combinations, creating a very versatile fashion accessory.

Regardless of the brand or the design or material choice, the vast majority of skateboard backpacks are extremely durable as they are created to resist rough surface of the skateboard grip tape as well as Vaseline or wax stains. Most of them are designed for urban comfort so they might not be the best choice for a long backpack trip through the woods where you need to carry water canteens and sleeping sacks.

They are however big enough to store the day to day necessary items and still allow the wearer to make his way comfortably through a crowded subway cart or a school hallway.

Tag Heuer Watches

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TAG Heuer is one of the leading watch brands on the globe with a high fascination for advanced technology and exquisite designs. The company’s motto “Swiss Avant-Garde Since 1860” defines its spirit and its continuous focus on precision, progress, and innovation, key coordinates in the TAG Heuer’s philosophy.

Currently, Tag Heuer produces several extremely popular lines dedicated to those who prefer elegant and classic looking watches with a soft touch of sportiness and modernity. Among these much sought after lines we mention Carrera, Formula One, Monaco, Aquaracer and Grand Carrera.

One of the main reasons why Tag Heuer has become so popular in a very short time is because the brand cleverly decided to associate its name with some of the most famous Hollywood and sports stars. This innovative thinking and bold spirit was the spark that guaranteed its place in the luxury watches niche. We should also mention its other very impressive marketing skills that high-rocketed the company’s image. During the 1920, it was the official timekeeper of the  Summer Olympic Games, it sponsored the Formula One World Championships, the Skiing World Championships and it has designed a timepiece for the McLaren F1 team. And of course, all these extensive awareness efforts were completed by the very long list of Hollywood and sports ambassadors.

McLaren F1

As always, behind a successful watch name there is a very artful designer. For Tag Heuer, London-based Christoph Behling was the creative spirit that gave shape to so many extraordinary timepieces. Since 2004, he was the mastermind who delighted our watch passion with modern and stylish sports- inspired designs with a twist for innovation.

The brand has always been in a continuous search for perfection and this can be seen in its most recent models. The Carrera Calibre 360 is the first mechanical wrist watch with a chronograph that can measure and display time to 1/100 of a second. The Monaco V4 has a movement that is driven by belts and not by gears as most watches. And the Monaco 69 has both a traditional mechanical movement with a hinged movement that makes it possible to change the watch between its two separate dials and a digital chronograph accurate to a millisecond.


Clearly, Tag Heuer has a passion for technology, for offering extreme functionality and very complex novelties. This is why most Tag Heuer watches are equipped with a chronograph. The company has created in January 2011 its first watch with the in-house Mikrograph movement that is accurate to 1/100 of a second. The name of this model is Carrera Mikrograph. And because Tag Heuer and the McLaren F1 team were partners for more than 26 years, the brand commemorated the launch of the McLaren MP4-12C supercar by releasing a limited edition Carrera MP4-12C.

The next step on its path for watchmaking perfection was the introduction of the Mikrotimer Flying 1000 at the BaselWorld Show, in March 2011, when the world was amazed by its mechanical watch concept that was accurate to 1/1000 of a second, which means 10 times faster than the Tag Heuer Mikrograph.

And the peak of its work was reached in January 2012 when Tag Heuer has launched its Mikrogirder model that is precise to 5/10,000ths of a second.

Tag Heuer is synonym with luxury, performance and watchmaking perfection. This very famous designer manufactures some of the most appreciated and complex timepieces on the market. Its models are truly unique and beautiful, currently setting the standards for modern horology.

tag smart watch

LG GD910

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Mobile phones have become very popular nowadays, so much so that everybody has one and they never leave the house without it. While today’s phones are all about having a bigger screen and offering new apps, the LG GD910 combines the practicality of a wristwatch with the features of a phone. This cool gadget can’t really be described as a watch since it can turn into a phone very quickly with the help of the 1.3” touchscreen that allows you to form a number and make a call.

LG GD910

It also has great voice recognition software that allows users to just say a command to their watch and make a call, much like the spies we see in movies. It has a built-in speaker that allows you to actually have a conversation with someone by using your watch but if that seems a bit too uncomfortable, you can just use a Bluetooth headset. It even has a small camera so you can make video-calls from your wrist.

As far as design goes, LG has kept a similar style used for the phones and so this watch-phone is very elegant with nice lines and a great looking case. It can basically do anything a regular phone can do; make a call, write and send a text, listen to music, take photos. The voice command features make it even more interesting because users have the option to talk to this gadget and even make it read a text message so that they don’t have to.

The price is a bit much at $800 but it is basically a small phone you can wear on your wrist. It comes with a Bluetooth headset so that you don’t have to keep it to your ear when talking on it and it is overall a very cool gadget to have. It is only available in some European countries with UK being the main market for it. Everyone remembers the movies where the spy talks into his watch to call for help; LG has offered a similar gadget but they made it with a lot more style and elegance.

Led Crystal Earrings

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Diamonds have been considered a girl’s best friends but nowadays things are starting to change and girls are definitely more interested into other things than what they used to be. If you have a geeky girlfriend she will definitely appreciate this gift. But what are we talking about? The LED Crystal Earrings, of course. They are definitely sparkling, more sparkling than diamonds that’s for sure and they look nice. The earrings will, quite literally brighten up your girlfriend, actually because they are illuminated. This might not be the standard gift for a romantic date but they are sure to bring a smile on her face and she will probably wear them with pride, sometimes. Also, look at the bright side, no pun intended, you can actually see your girlfriend in the dark if you are looking for her.

Led Crystal Earrings pic

How were these beautiful earrings possible? The earrings have been sculpted to look like a crystal and they simply light up when the back of the earring is put on. That is because on the back of the earring you can find mini-batteries that will also help you hold the earring in place. You don’t always have to light up your earrings so you can easily switch the backs with regular earring backs that are made with rubber or metal. These will certainly impress your girlfriend and even if she is mad at you for not buying her something that has high value, they will definitely put a smile on her face. However, they should probably be part of a bigger gift if you are going to offer her something that will announce a special occasion. For example, if it’s her birthday or your relationship anniversary these may not be sufficient but if you just thought of her and wanted to get her something nice that makes her smile, these can be pretty cool.

They are the perfect gift to get for a girl who is more on the geeky side or a girl with a good sense of humor. You should probably avoid them if your girlfriend specifically asked for diamond earrings.

Cool Gifts For A Fashionista

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If you are stuck buying a gift for a fashionista, you will be happy to learn that there are some ways you can make her happy even when you have no idea about what makes things fashionable or not. Here is our guide with the best cool gift ideas that will impress a fashionista.

Gucci Rabbit – Fur Headphones – if you want something that is both fashionable and will prove to be useful, a pair of Gucci Headphones is the perfect gift, and they are not just headphones, they are made with rabbit fur and have a great trendy design. You can buy them for about 250 dollars because price shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to buying something for a fashionista.

Custom Made Pampering Basket – Why not get her a cool custom made basket? You can add the famous 120 colors makeup palette for about 50 dollars, a few body care products from Philosophy, which is famous for their cool fragrance and why not add a cool Balenciaga L’Essence candle that will make all this experience more wonderful? This should cost about 150 dollars, but it will definitely make your fashionista princess happy.

Fashion Magazine Subscription – if you really want to impress a fashionista what better gift is there than a fashion magazine subscription? To make things even cooler you should try a long term subscription like a year or two. However, make sure that you know what her favorite fashion magazine is, as you wouldn’t want to subscribe her to the competition. Or you could buy vintage editions of the well-known fashion magazines, chances are that she will probably remember all from childhood if she had this hobby for a long time.

Tickets to Fashion Week Or Various Fashion Shows – This is definitely the ultimate gift when it comes to buying something for a fashionista. These tickets should always be bought in advance so make sure that you book them at least a few weeks prior to the event. She will surely thank you for the wonderful gift, especially if you get her two tickets and she is able to get a fashion obsessed friend with her.

Top Sexy Gifts For Your Lover

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When you want to impress your love with some sexy accessories, there are a few you can choose them and make her want you even more. Here are some of the perfect accessories and lingerie items gentlemen should buy as gifts for their ladies.

Corsets- there’s nothing sexier than corsets. They are a symbol of innocence but they can also symbolize something wicked and dark. It’s up to you to decide what type of symbol you want your lover to be. A white corset will make her remember those sweet ladies at the court but a black corset will make her resemble with a dominatrix and perhaps bring out some of the darkness within. Maybe combined with a long pair of boots can make the perfect costume for a romantic evening.

Cosplay dresses – Why not dress her in her favorite character? If your girlfriend is a geek she will absolutely love you dressing her in some character from a video game. She can feel powerful and sexy and you can admire her. You can also buy her the accessories and clothes she needs to dress up like an anime character.

Red lingerie – if there’s something you should always buy a woman, it’s probably red lingerie. Make her feel special for her birthday or the occasion you two are celebrating and dress her up in something beautiful and red. This is because red is the color that symbolizes not only love and passion, but also lust.

Stockings – there’s nothing sexier than a woman wearing some beautiful stockings with a model. You don’t have to buy them for a special evening; you can just offer them as a gift to her for every day wear. She will absolutely love that and will remember you every time she wears them at the office. Of course, you can also buy them for those special moments, but women also love to dress pretty outside the bedroom.

In the end it doesn’t matter what you buy as long as she feels comfortable wearing it around you and who knows maybe such a gift can bring up some interesting conversations.

The Perfect Gift – Replica Watch

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Are you looking to buy something fashionable and stylish? Do you want to change your old watch for something much more elegant? Do you want to buy a gift for someone special but you don’t know what? A watch is a good choice for every occasion and the various styles available makes them good for anyone either if you buy it for yourself or as a gift. Of course, these gorgeous watches don’t come cheap and the price tags may discourage you. If this is the case, you can settle for a replica of that model. You can find replicas for almost every model from some of the most popular manufacturers. Models which normally would cost you thousands of dollars can now be purchased for hundreds or even less. If you don’t believe it you can easily check out one of the many online shops and you will surely be amazed of the low prices and of the high quality which can be found in these timepieces.


Consumers are usually insecure about buying a replica watches, but this feeling quickly goes away once you receive it. The quality is usually very good and the copy really look identical to the ones made by the exclusive manufacturers. To achieve the low prices, knockoff producers copy the style but instead of expensive stones or rare metals, they use cheaper stones. This alternative is great because they maintain the overall design but they do it at much lower price. As far as the mechanical parts go, they are basically the same and they work in the same fashion. Don’t think that if you buy a replica, it will not work right or that it will break down in a few weeks. This is a common misconception regarding cheap products but it is not valid in this case. Replica watches work properly and they last as long as their distant cousin. Basically, by buying these products, you pay less for the same thing; it is a real bargain and most consumers can’t tell the difference.  Only you will know how much you actually spent on your Swiss replica watch.

If you plan on giving one as a gift, some online shops offer you the possibility to buy a luxury case that has the brand name and a nice feel to it. This will surely complete the image and will make for a wonderful gift.