Hot Items You Must Buy – 2011 Summer

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Every year there are a few fashion items or styles that you need to show in order to be considered trendy. Here are some of the most adorable ones so make sure that you show at least two in your outfits to create a fashionable look.

African patterns – the colorful and beautiful African ethnic style is definitely a must for your clothes this summer. You can choose a dress, a bag or a beautiful top; just make sure that it has the pattern on it.

Feathers – these seem to be a great accessory, for hair or as an addition to your jewelry. Combine feathers with a 70’s style dress and you will look just like the girls on the catwalk. Alexander McQueen had an outfit made completely out of feathers, you don’t need to be that extreme but a few feathers might make the difference between a trendy outfit and an average one.

Skinny belts – delicate thin belts can be used with a big variety of items: dresses, large tops or shirts, pants, and almost everything you can imagine. Try to avoid this item if you are overweight because it can make you look a bit bigger.

Bright colors – it doesn’t matter if it is a makeup or the blouse you wear, bright colors should be a big part of your outfit this summer. After all, summer is all about colors, looking fantastic and being happy.

Strong makeup on your eyes – making your eyes pop and not being afraid to use darker colors on your eyes is one of the trends this year. Since the trends seem so dynamic and there is something for everybody, those who like to add a bit more makeup on their face, shouldn’t be afraid to do it. Black eyeliner and smokey eyes will be your friends.