Lego Stop Motion Video Cam

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A webcam is a pretty useful accessory, everybody uses one and everybody will probably use one if they had one. Also, it is the future of communication, why talk on the phone when you can communicate inexpensively and see the person you are talking to by using a computer, a webcam and an internet connection? This is why buying a webcam as a gift can be a great idea. If your friend likes to stay online a lot, if they have a long distance relationship or even if you want to tell them that they should communicate more with you, the webcam is a great gift. But a simple webcam can seem boring to offer and there are many types of gadgets out there that would improve that experience of making videos. Take for example this cool Lego Stop Motion Video Cam. It’s not a webcam but you can make Stop Motion Animation with it and there’s something about Stop Motion Animation and Lego that awakens something inside us that has been sleeping since childhood. Give this to an adult and you will probably see them acting like children and trying to build the coolest story ever.


This is also a cool gift for your child because it can teach them how to be creative and who knows, maybe you have a Willis O’ Brien in your house and don’t know about it. This is how most directors learn and it’s also a great way to spend some quality time with your kid. And it also involves Lego which is a major plus. The camera comes with a 1.5 inch rotating color screen and a macro lens for shooting close-ups. It also saves the captured videos to a micro SD card that you can insert in an integrated slot. It measures about 3.6 x 1.6 x 2.6 inches and weighs 13.6 ounces. You also get an adjustable tripod that will definitely help you with your stop animation movies and the stop animation software that will be essential in the process. Another benefit is the fact that it costs under $100 so it’s a pretty inexpensive pleasure you can give yourself.

Fingertip Mini Cube Speaker

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Let’s be honest, sometimes we need to have good speakers for our phones. The greatest thing about it is the fact that that we can listen to music loudly whenever we feel like it. The problem with portable speakers is the fact that they are far from being portable and some of them take a lot of space or are very hard to carry around. So what to do in these conditions? You can try these cool portable speakers or offer them to a friend you know will definitely appreciate. They are extremely small, about an inch and you can play music from any source you wish with them. Also, it is pretty obvious that they are very easy to carry, even in your pocket if you prefer. If you want to measure them, you should know that they look like a pretty small dice and they weigh about 17 grams so that you can even hold them in your hand if you want more power. You can even use them as accessories, pin them to your clothes, pin them everywhere, they will just look like cool small jewelry at most. They are also about 0.8 watt so you get pretty ok sound.


It seems that this is the perfect gift for a geek friend who enjoys having all kinds of interesting gadgets around or someone who likes listening to music from a portable source and they need something to carry around that would be light. And there’s nothing lighter than this, actually it seems that these are the world’s smallest speakers so if you want something cool, these should be it.

There are some cool features to this small Fingertip Mini Cube speaker; for example, it has a small hole that you can use to add a keychain so you know that you will never lose them and it also comes with a small port so that you can charge them using an USB. Also, this little thing makes for a pretty inexpensive but very cool gift considering that you can find it for approximately 10 dollars in stores.

Muji Wall Mounted CD Player

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Here’s a conversation starter for sure: I have a wall mounted CD Player that works when I start pulling its strings. If that doesn’t start a conversation with someone, the person you were talking to probably wasn’t interesting enough. If you thought about having a good time while listening to music playing this is the right product for you. Also, it can be the perfect gift for someone you don’t know because it’s so cool everybody loves it. This is the kind of thing that everybody secretly wants to have but nobody would ever buy it for themselves and those make perfect gifts.

Muji Wall Mounted CD Player

It has a mechanism that uses pull strings to turn on so you can have a lot of fun whenever you want to play some music, also, the fact that it’s wall mounted adds to its cool factor. This cool little gadget is created with a nice frame holding it and a cool hanging string that will make it sit beautifully on your wall. If you plan on offering it as a gift, do notice the fact that it looks amazing on minimalistic houses and modern apartments. Also is the right kind of gadget to impress girls when they are coming over so this can be an interesting gift for a womanizer. It also has a cool display that will add to its decorative purposes and make it even cooler.

You can even impress your boss, but only if you get him one for his birthday, something that will certainly place you at the top of the employer’s list. But how does this baby work? It’s pretty simple, all you have to do is put your disk inside then pull the string and the CD Player will start playing music. It also comes with traditional controls that can be found on the top of the player but that’s boring so you will probably stick to string pulling. Also, the player comes with dual speakers so you don’t need additional speakers for it. The see through window offers a cool view of the CD spinning, so make sure you put it in a visible place.

Is There a Future for the Gaming Consoles Market

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Experts argue that handheld game consoles tend to become a niche market, reduced from a quantitative point of view, but still profitable and able to survive, despite all the apps that have been developed during the last years for mobiles and tablets. With an estimated amount of 38 million portable gaming consoles to be sold by Sony and Nintendo in 2013, the account is far from the peak of 47 million units reached in 2008. Moreover, smartphones and touch pads have already shown their potential as fun generating gadgets, supported by an impressive catalog of games available at very low prices or even with a free version.

However, the field’s experts are not pessimistic. Although they predict a gradual decline in the segment of gaming consoles and a substantial shift towards smartphones and tablets, they argue that the latter will not be able to eliminate gaming consoles from the market. Sony and Nintendo will still be preferred by demanding passionate players, while smartphones and tablets will cover the general public segment. Positioning themselves as professionals of the gaming sector would probably be the winning strategy for the above mentioned companies.

gaming station

The only question that remains is if there will be enough interest from developers to maintain the range of products at a satisfying level of variety. Gamers’ tastes tend to diversify and consoles manufacturers risk to lose a part of their clients’ base if they don’t succeed to keep up with the rapid pace of technological development manifest in the mobile devices world. It seems that Sony has already acknowledged the potential problem. They have renamed their games portal for smartphones PlayStation Mobile and focuse on the game sector as one of the strategical pillars of their effort to catch a part of the mobile market.

Drivemocion EX Series LED Car Sign

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Unfortunately in today’s world we don’t always have the means necessary to express ourselves properly. Don’t you sometimes wish that when you are in traffic you could just tell the driver behind you what you really feel because of their actions? Now you can, with this cool and simple to use gadget. This interesting LED car sign is the ultimate communication tool for an urban person who just spends a lot of time in their car and sometimes needs to get their frustration out. And it can be easily fixed by anyone on the rear window of the car with a power suction cup that comes with it.

Drivemocion EX Series LED Car Sign

The Drivemocion is fixed on your rear window and is operated by a remote control that will be placed next to the driver seat. It has a wide range of emotions and you can express almost anything you want when you are in traffic, whether it is thanks or whether you want to tell them that you are furious because of a maneuver that they’ve done, it can be expressed accurately with the Drivemocion. You can tell them that you are sorry if you accidentally cut them off, you can tell them to back off when they are too close to you and you can even tell them to slow down if you think they are driving too fast. Also, it can be used to express other emotions in the traffic such as help when there is an emergency, thanks if the person behind you just let you pass, goodbye or even have a nice day. Also, it has a cute range of emotions that will surely express your inner emotion regarding the person behind you.

Although this can be extremely useful in traffic and even fun to have you have to make sure that you can apply it on your car. It might not be legal in all states so you will have to carefully check your local law to see whether you can use the Drivemocion or not. It can easily be powered by 2AA batteries so it won’t use your battery car either.


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Android operating system from Google, crawled rapidly into our lives in the last two years by spreading itself through smartphones and tablets. Among the many advantages this system brought along, one is particularly important – the relatively low hardware requirements. This probably explains the large amount of applications written for it in such a short period of time.

The same moderate hardware requirements that Android has brought quite a few manufacturers to develop devices with drivers taken from smartphones and packed into a small body.  When this device is connected to the TV, it creates a tiny Media Center computer. The streamers market reached a point where it starts to get redundant. Instead of setting another device, adding it to the cables and having it gather dust next to your TV, you now have an efficient choice with Donegal Android. But can it really compete with the existing streamers? We strongly believe that features like an energy efficient processor ARM Cortex A5 at 1GHz, a Mali 400 graphics processor, 512MB of RAM memory and internal storage capacity of 4GB are up to completing the task.


All this comes wrapped in a small package that reminds the appearance of an USB flash disk. The device connects to the TV using an HDMI standard cable and includes a single connection of USB 2.0. There is also a micro USB connection and memory card slot for a Micro SD.

Unlike an Android phone that is operated through touch screen, the “Android on a stick” needs some help from an external keyboard, which can very well be a wireless one. This keyboard’s design is similar to that of a remote control for console games, so it’s convenient to hold it with both hands and make a “thumbs typing”.

The iSMRTV Displays an operating system packed into a small box. This is not a dedicated streamer (which provides a simple and targeted menu), but one which provides a base for adding smart features to your TV with countless applications available for download (free or paid) from Google Play.

This particular product comes with a fairly basic hardware and it can be used as an instrument to play and view multimedia files on screen in the living room (up to the limits of its CPU), as well as allow for browsing and playing games on TV.






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Klarus XT11 600 Lumen Tactical LED Flashlight

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Don’t you just hate it when there is little light available? Whenever you need to do your homework or when you need to work on a project that needs really good light it seems that the default light generated by our home is not enough. However, there is one product available that will make things better and will surely give you bright light for as long as you wish. Or perhaps you are out in the woods and you need some light to make sure that you see what you are doing. Fortunately there is a gadget that solves all the problems above and that gadget is called Klarus XT11 600 Lumen Tactical LED Flashlight. Yes, it has a fancy name, but its quality stands out a lot too.

Klarus XT11 600 Lumen Tactical LED Flashlight

The previous version of Klarus XT11, the Klarus XT10, was very popular because it was indeed a high quality but the company wanted to make something even more astonishing.

It comes with different modes, but the coolest of them all is the one that allows you to have light for about 295 hours. Imagine that, sure you will know that you always have some light when there is a power shortage but it can be extremely handy when you are going to the woods. It comes with a dual button tail switch for quick one-hand operation, its waterproof and it last about 50000 hours. What do you say about that? It may come with a fancy name but it sure is a wonder of technology. Did we also mention the fact that it has a power of 600 ANSI lumens if you really need a lot of light. It is also extremely durable because it is made with aircraft grade aluminum. And we haven’t even mentioned the cool included accessories: holster, lanyard, removable body clip, tactical ring, two spare O-rings,it even has springs in the battery tube for shock absorption, and detachable stainless steel strike bezel.

So if you are looking for high quality light, Klarus XT11 600 Lumen Tactical LED Flashlight is certainly the best gadget you can buy, especially if you are an outdoor enthusiast.

Gadgets That Make Parenthood Bearable

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Parenthood has become a lot simple thanks to modern technology and new parents are not having less of a headache when it comes to their children. Here are some of the best gadgets that will not only improve your life satisfaction but also make the little one feel better.

4moms Origami Stroller

If you are in need of a high tech stroller, the 4moms Origami Stroller should be your first choice. This amazing stroller comes with power folding, which means that at the touch of a button it folds itself. It also comes with four cup holders and reflective piping that adds to the stroller’s visibility, especially during the night. The adjustability of the seat makes it easier for you to give your child the most comforting environment while you can easily go around and do your chores. It also comes with a cool LCD screen that lets you know how much you have travelled, among other things.

4moms Cleanwater Collection

The infant tub that manages to replace all infant tubs is the 4moms Cleanwater Collection; it comes with so many features it will make bath time a great time for you and your child. Some of the features this amazing gadgets has are: digital thermometer, spout cover, bath sponge, etc. which definitely improve all the experience.

It’s easy to install and has great mildew resistance. It’s easy to clean and it has double basin sinks that can be used in the bathtub. It works with running water so that you can give your child a clean bath wherever you may be. You will never have to worry about those pesky baths when you have Cleanwater Collection that will help you keep your child clean.

Goodnight Sleep Trainer

Sleeping during the first months is pretty tough on both the parents and the child. This easy to use product is going to be a life saver as you can teach your 4 month old how to sleep through the night.

The device is pretty simple, it monitors and records how long the baby sleeps, wakes and cries and keeps track of how long it takes you to sooth your baby, spacing your visits further apart until your child is able to self sooth thus giving both the child and yourself longer stretches of sleep.

Experience Music In A New Way

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If you like listening to music at the best quality available, chances are that you have heard about that beats by dr. dre collection. The name had a lot of media attention due to the high quality but also due to the fact that they are made in collaboration with Dr. Dre. The famous rapper has had a very long and successful career and he declared that there is a lot of effort put into making a song and there are a lot of small sounds that make it perfect which can’t always be heard with standard equipment.

In other words, these gadgets are meant to offer crisp sounds no matter if you choose the speakers or the headphones. In the collection, there are over-ear, in-ear or artist headphones that are perfect for when you are on the move. For an experience you can share with others, there are speakers that stay true to the concept and of course, have a dock for an iPad or iPhone. As far as prices go, they are reasonable considering the superior quality you get but you can expect a pare of ear buds to be over $150. These are light weight and have a great noise-isolation design that will make sure your music doesn’t get disturbed but the outside noise.

These gadgets are some of the coolest things you can buy right now and they would make the perfect gift for a young person that likes listening to music. The range of headphones makes it easy to find exactly what you need and the reasonable price makes it a great gift idea.

Superior headphones such as these ones can offer a whole new experience when listening to something as no sound is missed and you can fully see what the artist was trying to create. This was the idea that started the brand and also the concept that made it as popular as it is nowadays. Headphones with the famous “b” logo have been seen in countless music videos and on various celebrities so it is safe to say that the brand is quite famous.

Best Headphones

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When it comes to headphones you can’t really sacrifice their quality as that is a good indicator of how you will be able to listen to your music. We present you the best headphones available, headphones that can make your music hearing activity totally different. So, whether you are buying headphones to make music or you are simply getting something that will improve your experience when listening to music, these headphones are definitely what you need to get the most out of your favorite songs.

Philips Fidelio L1 headphones

With these babies you will forget all the music you have been listening until now. If you were impressed by Beats by Dr. Dre, you will definitely be impressed by Philips Fidelio L1 as they manage to have the same sound quality and some people say that they might be even better. When it comes to design, these great headphones manage to bring the retro in the music you hear through their great style. When it comes to sound, you can listen to anything and it will be like you haven’t been listening to music until now, it’s a whole new range of sounds. However, they are about 350 dollars so that price can be a bit steep for most of us.

Parrot Zik

These are extremely impressive, they would probably manage to make a bad song sound right because everybody is impressed with them. When it comes to design they definitely hit the jackpot as they manage to have the smoothest feel to them. However, you might not be that impressed with the price as these can get a bit too pricey for most of us, about 550 dollars. But compared with the same headphones of their caliber, at least these have really good quality when it comes to sound.

Urbanears Zinken

If you are looking for something that doesn’t cost that much and it will make your hearing music experience a whole lot better, the Urbanears Zinken are definitely the things you need to get. When it comes to design, they look really cool so you won’t be failing with these headphones, especially since they only cost 188 dollars, which make them absolutely great.