Gadgets That Belong In Your Pockets

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Gadgets can come in all shapes and sizes but it seems that the smaller they are, the more interesting they become as gifts. They are also very affordable and cute so there is no reason to worry about costs when talking about these small gadgets that you must have in your pocket.

Keychains can be found in a wide variety of option and not only do they keep your keys together but they also have a secondary function nowadays. For example, you can get a telescopic pen that will not take up a lot of space in your pocket but will surely come in handy on a number of occasions. Another gadget that you can fix to your keys is a multi-tool that can solve most of your problems with the many heads and functions; it has a pair of pillars, a small knife, a small saw, various screwdrivers, a hook blade, a bottle opener and pretty much anything else you might need. A cool attachment for your keys can make opening the door in the dark much easier as it has an LED light that can be turned on at the press of a button.

It is always good to have some many set away for emergencies and you can get a cash stash for your keychain to make sure that you have a backup wherever you go. The capsule is waterproof and you can fit any currency in it; there is also a version for backup change.

Another small capsule that goes on your keychain and can be very useful sometimes is a small lighter for emergencies. This fire stash can be ideal for smokers that constantly misplace their lighter; be sure to charge it when it runs out of fluid because you never know when you might need to start a fire.

Last but not least, we have a small perfume bottle that can easily fit in your pocket and is meant for emergencies.

It is cool to have all these small pocket toys and they can all prove to be quite useful in some situations and they would make for perfect small gifts.

Gadgets For Retro Gaming

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There are some gadgets you will love to buy for those who are a bit nostalgic about the golden era of games. Unfortunately, young people nowadays cannot remember when they used to play games at the Arcade but if you have a friend who is old enough and lived those times it would be great to buy them something that will make them remember those wonderful times. Here are some of the gadgets they would love having around as they can still use them with the modern technology.

If you are buying something for someone who already has a n iPad, you should probably get them the iCADE, which is an iPad Arcade Cabinet. This is an extremely cute gadget as you can play in the same way people used to play at the Arcade. You just put your iPad inside and connect it to it and you are ready to go. It has all the classic cool games like: PAC MAN, Space Inversion, Velocispider, etc.

JOYSTICK-IT iPad Arcade Stick is a cool thing to get your iPad nostalgic user. You can enhance your precision during games with this amazing gadget and impress everybody with you unique idea.

Retro NES USB Controller is another cool gadget that will make people nostalgic about the past. The great thing is that you can easily connect it to your PC and play your games vintage style. You can recreate that old school feel on your PC or laptop without having to use a time machine. Did I mention it looks and feels just like the ones you used when you were a kid?

You can also buy them a USB Classic looking Joystick, which can be used for most games. An amazing user experience that they can even share with their friends, so everybody wins.

These gadgets are not only fun to buy for yourself but also for friends you think might enjoy them; they are really cool and people will probably love having them around or receiving them as gifts. There’s nothing more memorable than something that makes you remember the good time of childhood.

Three Cool Gadgets That Can Replace Your Regular Mouse

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If you spend a lot of time at the computer, you are probably tired of using a regular mouse and would like to have something a bit more fun on your desk. We will present three mouse-like gadgets that can be considered good replacements for the regular mouse that everybody has.

The first option is the cool one due to the fact that it is made to be a small replica of a famous supercar, the Lamborghini Murcielago. It looks very good and on the desk and it is also quite comfortable when using it. I don’t know if the guys at Lamborghini actually designed their cars to fit nice in the palm your hand but this one actually works. The main difference in design is the red lighten scroll wheel that is found on the hood of the car. Other than that, the copy is very well done and the headlights actually light up with a nice blue color.

The second option is more innovative and will surely appeal to a great number of people. The AirMouse is actually a way to use your palm and fingers as a mouse and not have to actually hold anything with your hand. It is quite nice to look at and very easy to use; there are two small rings that are placed on the tip of two of your fingers and an optical laser pad that goes on your palm. When you tap the finger on a hard surface, it will transmit a click to the computer via Bluetooth and the optical laser will record any movement of your hand.

The third option brings more style to your desk. It is made out of wood with a metallic frame and buttons that are suspended in the air. It has a very stylish design with both retro and modern lines and the combination between metal and wood makes it very good looking.

Each of the three gadgets is great and it all depends on what you prefer, cool design, innovative build or stylish concept. The regular mouse no longer has room where there are such great alternatives available.

Wireless Speaker System

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Having a lot of wires under the desk can be quite annoying when trying to figure out which goes where. There is also an esthetic aspect to consider and wires in the back have never looked good in a high-tech room. This is why the future seems to be very keen on offering wireless gadgets that don’t sacrifice quality but offer an easier way to arrange your speakers. Wireless speaker systems are already becoming popular and they can be very easy to install as you just need to connect a small USB card to your music player of choice.

Since we are talking about the latest gadgets, we have to mention that mimi X-Series range that offer a whole new meaning to crisp sound. As you have probably already figured it out, these speakers are wireless and there are 3 components in the range. There are the X1, X2 satellite speakers and the flag ship X3. The great thing is that they can be combined as you wish and with a range of up to 50 meters, you can easily provide music to the whole house and even the garden. They are all connected to one transmitter so you can opt to combine them as you wish in order to get the best quality sounds wherever you go in the house.

Another great thing about this system is that aside from the USB transmitter, you also get a transmitter for your iPhone or iPad. Although it seems like a small accessory, it is very useful and many customers appreciate this small attention that allows them to simply play music from their phone and get high quality sound.

It uses a 2.4 Ghz wireless technology which guarantees crisp stereo sound. The speakers have Lithium polymer batteries that can be recharged easily and fast so that you can continue listening to audio using the wireless system. The design is also very modern with nice lines and a the classic black with a silver line on the bottom makes sure that the speakers don’t stand out more than they have to no matter where you choose to place them.

Cool Gadgets For Your Car

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If you spend a lot of time in your car or you simply want to make it a self-sufficient device that will help you in any situation, adding a few gadgets will definitely help not only to make your car look amazing but also for your personal safety.

The Precrash Collision System is actually a very useful gadget to get for your car as it can help you control it better. This is even better if you are a new driver and not quite accustomed with different distances between you and other objects. There are many types of Precrash systems, some more advanced, that actually work on the brakes of the car and will slow down the car or even hit the brakes when you are very close to a possible collision while others just make sure to alert the driver whenever they are near to some objects.

The Mirror Monitor with Rear View Camera

This is a really interesting gadget as it helps you see behind you very clearly while on the road. It also has night vision which is extremely helpful for those who drive at night. The cool thing about it is that you can even convert it in a monitor for different devices such as DVD player. It’s an investment that costs about 200 dollars but it’s definitely something that can prove to be very important.

The Vroominator is actually a fun to have gadget. It’s not actually helping in any way but it can definitely create the right environment. When I say the right environment, I’m referring to the fact that it will make a sound similar to a very powerful car with a V8 engine. So even if your car is not that impressive, at least you can feel like it is while driving it. It can also be a cool and funny gift for a friend who likes powerful cars but can’t afford one.

While some gadgets are more useful than others, it’s always best to get something that will improve your driving experience whether it is just a fun device or one that really helps you while driving.

Innergie mCube Slim95 Universal Adapter – The Cool Gadget Which Safely Charges Your Devices

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You most probably have numerous portable gadgets such as laptops, mp3 players, tablets, smartphones, game controls and so forth. And just keeping them charged is quite difficult as each has its own charger and you constantly need to go rummaging through numerous cables and chargers to see which one belongs where. And sometimes, just sometimes, you will get a charger that fits to your portable device, but it’s not the actual one you need.

You will plug it in without any problem and think that it is charging only to discover that your battery is almost dead and you cannot use the device that you need so much.  And what alternative do you have in this situation? Well you can take a look at the Innergie mCube Slim95 Universal Adapter. This is a compact charging device that allows you to safely charge a great number of devices. You can charge up popular laptop brands with voltages of 15-21 volts and even up to 100 Watts like: Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Compaq, Fujitsu, MSI, Gateway, Sony, Lenovo, Samsung, IMG or Toshiba.

You can also charge your IPad with the aid of the 10W USB port as well as many other USB charging devices. And the best part is that you can charge your devices wherever and whenever you desire as the Innergie mCube Slim95 Universal Adapter is RTCA aviation certified, meaning that it is safe to use even during flights. And last but not least the Innergie mCube Slim95 Universal Adapter comes with a built-in protection against voltage fluctuation so that it ensures safety for your gadgets anytime and anywhere.

Gadgets For Geeks

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If you like having the latest technology and if you are always up to date with the latest changes, then you must know what gadgets are most suited for you. Here we can only include the top of the line and the newest gadgets that have a very futuristic feel to them.

We start by mentioning a pair of glasses which can act as a television. The technology has finally caught up with the movies and our imagination and having a pair of glasses which can show you movies is definitely one of the coolest gadgets out there. The technology behind them is quite amazing although the main idea is pretty basic. On the inside of the glasses you will find two small LCD screens that will give you the same feeling you would get from watching 75 inch screen from three meters away. What is even more interesting is that it also supports 3D movies although you may look a bit awkward when you enjoy e nice movie in public. There has also been news of contact lenses that can show black and white pictures so where are just one step away from watching movies without blinking.


If you are a fan of the Star Wars franchise, then you must have though about having your own R2D2. A similar version is available from Willow Garage and it can be programmed to do all sorts of things, even dinner. If you think that almost half a mill is too much, then you can get the cheaper version which only has one hand. What can be geekier than having your own robot around the house?

Let’s move to something a bit smaller which also a lot of fun. The Sifteo Cubes are definitely an interesting way to spend your time. These small cubes are aware of each other and this can translate to a multitude of fun games and applications. You can create words, play small games by moving them around and by making them interact which other. This makes them perfect for kids but they can also entertain adults. They are sold as a set of three but after you get your set you can buy them individual and create a never-ending string.

Android phones are perfect for those that want to have a lot of information available everywhere they go. Something that will spark your interest even more is that you can play games on your Android phone with real controllers by using a new application.

The Gift For Music Lovers – The OP-1

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Do you have a passion for music? Do you have a friend and all he talks about is music? No matter if you get this gift for yourself or for your friends, the results will be total amazement and lots of fun. Before actually letting you know what this gift is, you need to know that is the most anticipated synthesizer ever and that it can turn your one-man-band skills into something great. If you haven’t yet figured it out by now, this article is about the OP-1 or as most people know it, the keyboard thing from the One video produced by Swedish House Mafia. A single that has actually brought a lot of attention towards this cool gadget and after you go to see what it can do, we are here to tell you some of the technical features.

Basically, all you need is to plug it in by USB and you can start mixing your own tracks and making hit singles. Despite its complexity and the many things it can, it is actually pretty easy to use for mere mortals as well as professionals. It has eight built in synthesizer engines, yep eight, and if you don’t know what those are, they are the things that make pretty noises. All joke aside, this little gadget is awesome and it is one of those gifts which will always be remembered because it is the tool that takes your passion to a whole new level.


It has four rotary encoders for quick control which are colored perfectly to give you an easier understanding and to make sure that you don’t skip a beat. It also has an OLED display that shows a great and accurate reading to the smallest change and it is a great way to actually shape your sounds.

Other features include a built in 24 voice instant live sampler, a 4 track type recorder and multiple everything and to make sure that you don’t have to stop and rest for a long time, it has a battery that once fully charged, will allow you to mix music at high volume for 16 hours straight. There are so many reasons why this gadget is the most anticipated one in the music field and one of them is because you no longer have to be a professional to use synthesizer; it is easy to learn and after a while even an amateur will know everything about it and will be able to create awesome beats.

Top 4 iPhone Accessories

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If your friend or relative has a bit of a crush on iPhone you should probably buy them more accessories for it as a gift. That will surely impress them and they are also very practical. Here are the best and the most useful accessories for iPhone that will definitely make a perfect gift.

Chargers and vehicle accessories – your friend probably has a charger already but there are many types of chargers such as car chargers or sun chargers. These can be extremely helpful for a person who travels a lot, and they are also quite inexpensive gifts ranging from 10 to 100 dollars. Other cool vehicle accessories will include hands free mounts that are perfect for those long car rides.

Iphone Charger

Portable speakers and headsets – if you are planning to buy a gift for a music lover these are the best you can get. With a great portable speaker they can listen to loud music everywhere they go, the lowest price is only about 30 dollars. If you want something super high tech you can go for speakers that are 200 dollars, those will definitely make a big difference. For headphones there is a wide variety of models that you can choose from. You can buy them some big expensive headphones that will definitely make them feel the real sound of music. You can also buy cute headphones that have different shapes and sizes; these are perfect for music loving girls and they come in different designs like Hello Kitty, Snoopy, or other cute cartoons. Bluetooth headphones are also amazing and they have a great feel to them because they are wireless. You can also use them as hands free accessories while you are driving.

Audio and Video cables – these are great as they help you connect your iPhone with your home entertainment system. If you want something that really proves to be useful around the house, those cables are definitely worth their money. You can also get some portable speakers and you have your own travel portable cinema.

Portable Cinema

These great iPhone accessories are such a great gift for anybody who has an iPhone and they are the types of gifts that are really useful. You can also find them at any gadget store and they are available for all types of iPhones. However, they are probably more suitable for younger people as they are usually more passionate about their iPhones.


Get A Keyboard For Your iPad

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If you own an iPad you have probably learned by now that having a touch screen for a keyboard is not as useful as having an actual keyboard, with real buttons. Of course, the iPad is great at many things and it can help you in many ways but it is mostly used for internet browsing. The multi-touch screen you use as a keyboard when you need to type something can now be changed to a small and easy keyboard. This physical keyboard can be connected to your iPad by Bluetooth and it maintains the same style.

The materials used make it very resistant and also very good looking with a finish that resembles the iPad and with a weight that won’t be a problem when you need to take it with you; just 12.80 oz. The keyboard has its own rechargeable lithium battery and can also be connected by USB to your iPad or even to you PC at home.


Basically, this cool gadget is perfect for you if you constantly need to write long texts, respond to a lot of mails or if you just don’t like the touch keyboard. Many consumers prefer physical buttons because they are used to the feeling and can type much faster. This keyboard will keep your iPad facing at a perfect angle and it will turn your tablet into a high-tech, good looking laptop which can fit perfectly into your baggage for when you need to be on the road.

Buy it for yourself or get it as a gift for your friend that already has an iPad; it will make him happy and he will wonder how he ever used his tablet without this great gadget. At a price of just $100, it is probably the best improvement to an already great piece of technology.