Tag Heuer Watches

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TAG Heuer is one of the leading watch brands on the globe with a high fascination for advanced technology and exquisite designs. The company’s motto “Swiss Avant-Garde Since 1860” defines its spirit and its continuous focus on precision, progress, and innovation, key coordinates in the TAG Heuer’s philosophy.

Currently, Tag Heuer produces several extremely popular lines dedicated to those who prefer elegant and classic looking watches with a soft touch of sportiness and modernity. Among these much sought after lines we mention Carrera, Formula One, Monaco, Aquaracer and Grand Carrera.

One of the main reasons why Tag Heuer has become so popular in a very short time is because the brand cleverly decided to associate its name with some of the most famous Hollywood and sports stars. This innovative thinking and bold spirit was the spark that guaranteed its place in the luxury watches niche. We should also mention its other very impressive marketing skills that high-rocketed the company’s image. During the 1920, it was the official timekeeper of the  Summer Olympic Games, it sponsored the Formula One World Championships, the Skiing World Championships and it has designed a timepiece for the McLaren F1 team. And of course, all these extensive awareness efforts were completed by the very long list of Hollywood and sports ambassadors.

McLaren F1

As always, behind a successful watch name there is a very artful designer. For Tag Heuer, London-based Christoph Behling was the creative spirit that gave shape to so many extraordinary timepieces. Since 2004, he was the mastermind who delighted our watch passion with modern and stylish sports- inspired designs with a twist for innovation.

The brand has always been in a continuous search for perfection and this can be seen in its most recent models. The Carrera Calibre 360 is the first mechanical wrist watch with a chronograph that can measure and display time to 1/100 of a second. The Monaco V4 has a movement that is driven by belts and not by gears as most watches. And the Monaco 69 has both a traditional mechanical movement with a hinged movement that makes it possible to change the watch between its two separate dials and a digital chronograph accurate to a millisecond.


Clearly, Tag Heuer has a passion for technology, for offering extreme functionality and very complex novelties. This is why most Tag Heuer watches are equipped with a chronograph. The company has created in January 2011 its first watch with the in-house Mikrograph movement that is accurate to 1/100 of a second. The name of this model is Carrera Mikrograph. And because Tag Heuer and the McLaren F1 team were partners for more than 26 years, the brand commemorated the launch of the McLaren MP4-12C supercar by releasing a limited edition Carrera MP4-12C.

The next step on its path for watchmaking perfection was the introduction of the Mikrotimer Flying 1000 at the BaselWorld Show, in March 2011, when the world was amazed by its mechanical watch concept that was accurate to 1/1000 of a second, which means 10 times faster than the Tag Heuer Mikrograph.

And the peak of its work was reached in January 2012 when Tag Heuer has launched its Mikrogirder model that is precise to 5/10,000ths of a second.

Tag Heuer is synonym with luxury, performance and watchmaking perfection. This very famous designer manufactures some of the most appreciated and complex timepieces on the market. Its models are truly unique and beautiful, currently setting the standards for modern horology.

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Buying Replica Watch – Bad Idea

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There is a big fad concerning replica watches nowadays with people not just wanting to buy one or two but actually collecting them. Some argue that this might hurt the original watch business while others consider that the people who are buying replicas would have never bought an original to begin with. Whatever the truth is, replica watches can be a bad decision for some and here is why:

Most websites that offer replica watches are scams, sometimes they don’t send any package to the buyer while other times they just send really bad replicas. They make you want to buy a certain watch by telling you it’s a premium replica, but the truth is, there are very few replica manufacturers that actually make good watches. So replica watches might not harm anybody who is creating original watches but those who want to make a profit might take advantage of customers who don’t have the money to buy an original but are prepared to pay a hefty sum for a replica.


Custom officials have declared that replica watches are one of the number one items that are bought as fake watches manage to satisfy customers who cannot buy the real thing. They offer a certain status symbol and even when they are bad fakes, the people still have a hard time distinguishing some from the originals. What’s interesting however is the fact that the original watch makers don’t own copyright on their design, only on their brand name, which makes some of the copies out there completely legal as long as no element that has been subjected to copyright is actually used in the making of the watch.

Deciding whether to buy a replica or not is totally up to the buyer but unfortunately the percentage of buyers who get scammed when buying these watches is on the rise, making replica watches overall a bad idea. Those who spend an ungodly amount of time researching and making sure that they know their source might end up with watches that are more of a “homage watch”. These watches are very hard to find and on the internet they are only part of small communities that are not available to the general public. This is one of the ways they can get their hands on a quality replica watch, but for most out there, bad watches are the norm and that usually puts off most people in search of a good watch.

A Car In A Class Of Its Own

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It’s hard to look that the Bugatti Veyron as a regular car. It’s true that it has four wheels, doors and pretty much everything you would expect from a car and it is not that it lacks something that makes it so special, but the many features it has extra. Every part is meant to withstand extreme conditions but also be as light as possible and it needs to be able to handle a huge amount of horsepower for a long time. This makes every component of the Bugatti Veyron, a work of art and when everything is put together perfectly, the result is a masterpiece.

Bugatti Veyron

The looks are amazing with every inch is made for perfect aeronautical speeds because earning the title of the fastest production car in the world is not easy. This achievement is mostly thanks to the engine which is basically formed by sticking two Audi V8 engines into one and making it a W16. This huge beast needs 10 radiators just to keep it cool and guarantee that everything runs smoothly. The incredible part is that even with this perfect engine, they weren’t able to reach the top speed they were targeting and with no more means to get more horsepower, everything was left to the aerodynamics. This meant for some crucial changes that would allow it to be used as a regular car on public roads but also reach incredible top speeds. To make it ready, you need to insert a special key into a slot; this makes the whole car lower, the rear spoiler disappears and the diffuser flaps close.

The Bugatti Veyron is a point where extreme numbers meet. It costs one million pounds and it has 1001 horsepower which allows it to reach 252 mph. This sets it apart from any other and makes the Veyron belong to a whole different group. At top speed, the tires can only last 15 minutes, which isn’t really an issue if we consider that a full tank of fuel is gone in 12 minutes. A remarkable thing about this car is that even at its top speed, it doesn’t feel like it is about to lose some valuable parts, it is stable and cool without even twitching.

Luxury Gifts For Every Occasion

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Luxury gifts are the perfect way to impress someone no matter if it is your first date or your 20th anniversary. Luxury gifts can include a lot of different items but they all have something in common, the thing that makes them different from the regular gifts. Luxury gifts usually have precision stones, rare metals, and an overall design that screams fashion. Only the best materials are used to create a luxury gift and this can usually be seen in the price which is also luxurious.

Almost every kind of gift has a luxury cousin; for example, candle holders can be a luxury gift as long as the design is unique and stylish. A luxury gift is meant to stand out and not fade into the background. That is why you can include fashionable clothing and accessories in this category as long as they are the latest trends and made by famous designers.

Luxury gifts for the house are meant to bring a plus of style and comfort to a home. Home decor and personalized plaques can be great gifts because they show that you though about it and wanted to give something personal.

How about a classic wine bottle holder or maybe a compact wine cellar that can hold up to a dozen bottles at the right temperature? Usually you also have to buy the bottles because it doesn’t look right without the most valuable part. A nice bottle of wine can easily be a luxury gift given that some manufacturers charge a small fortune for a bottle but it is worth it. If you want to surprise the person you are living with, you should buy a breakfast in bed tray and offer a luxury gift in the morning.

Luxury gifts are always welcomed but it is better to give than to receive because there is nothing better than seeing the expression on their face when they open the gift.