Unique Experiences You’ll Only Have On A Trip To Orange County

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Orange County, California has some of the best tourist attractions, nightlife, and food on the West Coast, and it also offers several unique experiences that any visitor has to try. Whether you’re looking for an adventure, some fun in the sun with friends or family, or are making a move to the area (possibly to retire), there are almost too many options to choose from.

Rent a boat

It may sound pricey, but if you can catch a Groupon or other deal, renting a boat is a fairly inexpensive way to see the sights and chill on the water for an afternoon. You can grab a Duffy boat a small, electric-powered watercraft–and head out with friends for a self-guided tour of Newport Bay. It’s about $100 per hour–with slight discounts as you move up–but each boat can accommodate up to ten people, and you can bring a cooler full of snacks on board. This is a lovely way to spend a couple of hours.

Eat At The Hobbit

This fine-dining experience must be seen to be believed. With a full wine cellar and exquisite, elegantly-prepared dishes, this is a meal you’ll want to splurge on. You’ll start in the cellar with champagne and hors d’oeuvres, then move on to your table for the rest of your seven-course meal. Just keep in mind that guys should wear jackets, and the usual Orange County casual attire won’t fly here; no flip flops allowed.

See some history

If you like a little history with your vacation, check out Old Towne Orange, a historic district that offers tons of small antique shops and one-of-a-kind eateries, plus concerts in the park and a farmer’s market. Here you’ll find a bit of small-town atmosphere without going too far from the beaches.

Speaking of beaches…

Newport Beach is one of the best places to spend time; not only is it clean and inviting, you can rent cottages at Crystal Cove that were built in the ‘30s and ‘40s and experience a little piece of history while you enjoy the breathtaking views. Here you can also go whale watching, take in a golf game, check out the gorgeous Sherman Library and Gardens, or even go on a murder mystery scavenger hunt, all while spending time outdoors.


If you’re looking to do some sightseeing but don’t want anything too high-maintenance, check out downtown Santa Ana. Here you’ll find a ton of specialty shops, art galleries and exhibitions, and awesome local food. Head to the Gypsy Den for vegetarian fare, a relaxed atmosphere, and wonderful coffee. You might also be treated to live music while you’re downtown.

Of course, there are many other things to see and do in Orange County. But if you want to approach your stay in the region with an eye toward the unique, these options are a great place to start.

Buying Replica Watch – Bad Idea

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There is a big fad concerning replica watches nowadays with people not just wanting to buy one or two but actually collecting them. Some argue that this might hurt the original watch business while others consider that the people who are buying replicas would have never bought an original to begin with. Whatever the truth is, replica watches can be a bad decision for some and here is why:

Most websites that offer replica watches are scams, sometimes they don’t send any package to the buyer while other times they just send really bad replicas. They make you want to buy a certain watch by telling you it’s a premium replica, but the truth is, there are very few replica manufacturers that actually make good watches. So replica watches might not harm anybody who is creating original watches but those who want to make a profit might take advantage of customers who don’t have the money to buy an original but are prepared to pay a hefty sum for a replica.


Custom officials have declared that replica watches are one of the number one items that are bought as fake watches manage to satisfy customers who cannot buy the real thing. They offer a certain status symbol and even when they are bad fakes, the people still have a hard time distinguishing some from the originals. What’s interesting however is the fact that the original watch makers don’t own copyright on their design, only on their brand name, which makes some of the copies out there completely legal as long as no element that has been subjected to copyright is actually used in the making of the watch.

Deciding whether to buy a replica or not is totally up to the buyer but unfortunately the percentage of buyers who get scammed when buying these watches is on the rise, making replica watches overall a bad idea. Those who spend an ungodly amount of time researching and making sure that they know their source might end up with watches that are more of a “homage watch”. These watches are very hard to find and on the internet they are only part of small communities that are not available to the general public. This is one of the ways they can get their hands on a quality replica watch, but for most out there, bad watches are the norm and that usually puts off most people in search of a good watch.

EOS DiskTape Watch To Bring That 90s Feel

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Do you miss those 90s when everything was cool and everybody was carefree? You were probably young during that time so you definitely listened to a lot of music. You can have that feeling now, but without the old technology. This cool watch features a nice cassette tape that will bring you back to those amazing times. With such a cool accessory you will be able to express your unique personality on your wrist. The EOS watch brings back the retro recording medium, made of high quality steel so it’s made to resist.  Think about all those times when you will share your retro preference for things with those that will inquire about your watch. You can even pair it up with a vintage suit to look even cooler.

EOS DiskTape Watch

The way you tell time is pretty amazing too; the watch actually works like a cassette with the ribbon wound moving from one side to the other in the second rhythm. It also features a really cool design as it has luminous hands on the right hand for the hour and minute. The amazing thing about this is the act that these hands are actually a bit hidden so you won’t see them at the first glance, which makes this watch look even more amazing because most people won’t see how exactly you are telling the time.

If you want to learn more about the mechanism of the watch you know that it comes with a cool anodized stainless steel body that is made from high quality material. This great watch is paired with a calf skin band that is comfortable and easy to wear along with a buckle clasp. You will also get a Japanese quartz mechanism that will prove durable and reliable in time. Also, if you were worrying about water damaging your watch when you go swimming or diving, you should know that it comes with a water resistance of up to 99 feet which is enough to sustain various water activities.

You can get this cool watch gadget for about 130 dollars and it makes for such a great gift either for a person who loves that Era and wants more items that reminds them of it, or somebody who simply likes standing out in a crowd and has a need to express their personality more. So, besides looking cool, this great watch will also be an excellent time telling device that you will surely love.

Affordable Cool Gifts

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Getting a gift is a pleasant thing to do, but spending a fortune on it is not always the best idea. When you want to make a person happy and get them something while making sure that it doesn’t leave a hole in your pocket, check out the following affordable cool gift ideas that will also make your gift hunting experience a little easier.

Cool Gifts Under 100 Dollars

If you are looking for something that goes a bit under 100 dollars you can still find a lot of gadgets and cool electronics out there that would meet this price. A digital camera at a discount offer can be a perfect gift for somebody who needs something to take pictures with. Another interesting gift is getting them various accessories for their PC or Laptop. At under 100 dollars you will find some that are very good quality, for example a mouse for a true gamer, one that has a lot of buttons and an ergonomic shape is the perfect choice. Encyclopedias that treat topics they might like are also a good choice and they usually go under 100 dollars, so you should try that too.

Cool Gifts Under 50 Dollars

If you are running a little low on cash and you need something that is cool but doesn’t go over 50 dollars, you are in luck as there are many things you can buy with this amount of money.  A watch can be a great gift, as some brands have watches for about 50 or a little over 50 dollars. Or you can get them a cool gadget, an iPod nano watch that will definitely prove useful if they like traveling or walking a lot.  You can even get them some silver jewelry or something that is handmade, usually handmade artists charge a lot less for their creations and you will know that you gave them something special.

Whatever you are going to choose, nothing makes a great gift cooler than the package and how you are going to present it to your friend. Get a box, some colored paper and some ribbon and you will be able to make any gift you choose look a little cooler.

Gifts For Your Grandmother

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When trying to buy gifts for the elderly, a lot of people forget that they can be impressed by both modern and new. However, most people prefer buying boring gifts that they think would impress them forgetting that their grandparents can be fascinated by the same things they are fascinated with. So here are some modern things that you can buy for your sweet grandmother to show her how deep your appreciation goes.

Comfortable robe – There’s nothing that says more “I love you grandma” than a comfortable robe. Forget about getting her a tea set or something other people get for their grandparents, a robe will definitely improve her life satisfaction and she will always think about you whenever she will get that warm fuzzy feeling while wearing it.

A beautiful plant – This is sort of a classic choice but it doesn’t have to be classic at all. You can get her a weird plant like a bonsai or something she is not familiar with. Also, she will be able to brag to her friends that you gave her a beautiful and unique flower as a gift.

Illustrated cookbook – This doesn’t mean that you are implying that your grandmother can’t cook. You can write a funny dedication on it and just tell her that you want her to cook things for you, grandmothers usually love cooking for everybody, it’s how they show their love. So why not show her that you support one of her favorite activities by giving her that cookbook.

Order a portrait – Everybody should have their portrait done at least one time in their life. If your grandmother hasn’t done that, you can definitely hire an artist to make her look like a royalty. This will definitely make her smile and she can hang it somewhere all people can see it.

Family tree decoration – If your grandmother doesn’t want a portrait, you can definitely give her a surprise and order a family tree. This will show how big your family is and different members of it, just like in royal family trees, where everybody is shown in relation to the important person, in this case, your grandmother. This will surely make her smile.

10 Cool Gifts Under $150

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Finding the perfect gift can sometimes be difficult and not just because you don’t know what to get, but also because the right gift is usually very expensive. To make sure that you don’t have to spend all your money on a gift, here is a list of 10 cool gifts that won’t cost you more than $150 each.

Let’s start with something really cheap and really cute that can be perfect as a gift. A submarine for your cup of tea can be a great gift and it will help you make tea faster, easier and in a very unique way. The second gift is to make sure that you always know where you left your keys; it is a bird keychain that comes with a small bird house so you put it there when you get home and always know where the keys are. Something just as affordable and interesting is a camera lens cup; it looks really cool on the table and even better when you drink from it.

For gamers, the perfect gift would be a button-laden pad that can easily connect to your smartphone and offer analog controls for your games. A fifth idea would be a pair of bass-heavy ear buds that will make your music even better; they look good, work great and look stylish. Since we are talking about style, the sixth gift on the list is an aviator hat that will keep you warm in a chic way. Number 7 is also about making sure you look your best in every situation and it is a shirt shuttle; this cool gift makes sure that your shirt stays wrinkle free and ready for action.

For those that like listening to music under the shower, there is no better gift than a water powered radio. Yes, this little gadget will use the water from your shower and transform it into energy so that you can rock out to your favorite tunes.

The cool gift number 9 is all about making sure you have all the storage space you need for your movie collection; it is a 500 GB external drive that is small and luxurious. Last but not least, we have a toy helicopter that can be controlled with your smartphone.

Unique Gifts Made Out Of Wood

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When it comes to unique classic gifts, wood seems to play a big role. There are so many things that can be made of wood and they always look amazing around the house. If you are looking for some cool gift ideas, don’t be afraid to choose something made out of wood that will make the house seem warmer.

One of these ideas can be something as simple as a salad bowl. Of course, to make it stand out and also look nice on the table, a small boat made out of wood that plays the role of a salad bowl can be perfect. It even has wooden utensils for paddles and it looks very nice.

To decorate the house a bit more, wine bottles made out of wood can really nice on the shelves, especially if you place then in the library. There has always been a strong correlation between books and bottles of wines when it comes décor so wooden bottles take that idea one step further.

Wooden furniture is very common so there is no point in considering it as a unique gift idea but things such as lamps and watches can complete the style of a house. They aren’t perfect for every style but if it goes with the furniture, a wooden lamp will simply blend right in to create a great looking room. Of course, it is fully functional so it will also light up the room and not just make it look prettier.

The truth is that almost everything can be made from wood and when it is of high quality, it looks amazing. You can even find wooden ties or watches that show your love for this material wherever you go. Wooden artwork is also very popular because there are sculptures that can be put on the wall like paintings and they can give a nice vibe.

Some wooden gifts may be a bit expensive but the price differs depending on the quality of wood used to make them so a high price is usually a sign of better quality but there are always bargains to be found.

Tips for Shopping for Clothes Online

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Buying clothes online can be the solution for many women’s problem. It saves the time many active women handling career and family at the same time lack. It provides customers with a wider range of options than any local commercial center can possibly do. It reduces geographical limitations, allowing shoppers to purchase products from the other end of the world that they would not normally find in their local shops. Last, but not least it helps customers to save money by finding the best deal on a certain product.

However, online shopping for clothes can be extremely tricky and the major concern with potential customers is that they will not be able to return the purchased item. In order to overcome this fear, here are some tips to help you avoid wasting money on the wrong product.

First of all, you should check the site for return policy as it is always better to make an informed decision. Most online shops offer a whole page of frequently asked questions where they explain all their policy’s stipulations. If they failed to put it online, you can always contact them and clear these points up. However, if they do not provide you with the necessary details, look elsewhere as there are plenty shopping opportunities where you will also be safe.

In order to reduce the risk of having to return the product, make sure you know your size very well. A 44 or an S size does not mean the same thing to all retailers, but by precisely measuring yourself, you will overcome this. Have a tailor or a family member measure your waistline, your arms, legs, chest and hips and always compare your figures with the ones provided by the retailer.

In order to save money, sign up to the mailing lists of your favorite retailers. Thus, you will always be informed about their promotions and discounts. You should also follow the “one deal a day” type of websites as they collaborate with the major retailers for their offers.

Gift Ideas Which Won’t Leave A Hole In Your Wallet

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Giving is better than receiving, or at least this is the general idea, but when holidays are coming up and the list is a bit too long for your wallet it can be hard to please everyone. Although most people think that good gifts have to be expensive, this is not always the case, you just have to know where to look and what for. Here are some gifts ideas that would surely make someone happy and also help you stay within budget.

One of the most interesting affordable gifts is the solar keyring that can be used as a small flashlight due to the bright LED lights. Obviously, it is charged by the sun so you don’t have to worry about batteries and there aren’t many other things that are as useful as a solar-powered flashlight. A perfect gift for those that like to live green and take care of the planet no matter how small the step.

A funny gift that can be easily affordable is a checklist sticker that can be placed near the door. It has pictures of your essential items which you can’t leave the house without; things like an mp3 player, mobile phone, car keys and money. Not only is it a funny gift but it can also be very useful, especially if the person has the habit of forgetting things.

While most people choose to do their writing on laptops, the classic pen remains an essential tool at the office. A bamboo pens set can make for a very nice gift and it will surely add some style to the desk. You can also consider getting a small computer which might not seem like much of a gift but can be very useful in certain situations.

If you are looking for a gift for someone that is very careful with every detail, a business card case will surely make an impression. There are different colors and styles available and they are quite affordable.

Cool and unique gifts don’t have to be expensive and as long as you take the time to know what the person might like, you will surely get the perfect gift.