4 Cool Gifts For Golf Lovers

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Is your dad, your husband or somebody close to you into golf? Here are some gift ideas that will make them extremely happy, especially since you will find some things they always wanted to buy but were reluctant.

Improving their game with a book – A book about golf strategies is probably a great idea if the person you are getting the gift for is trying to improve their game. This is great because it shows you care about their hobby which should probably be one of the things that will make it such a cool gift. You can find strategy books for golf from 5 dollars going up to 100 dollars and some even come with instructional DVDs for people who are willing to spend more.

Complete Golf Set

16-Piece Complete Golf Set – this should probably impress them, especially if they don’t own a set yet and they are just starting to play golf. You can get one from about 200 dollars going up to a few thousand, depending on the company that manufactures it. A 16 piece golf set is perfect because it contains all the elements they need for a perfect game.

The Trigger Point Performance Golf Kit – this is one of the coolest gifts you can give a golf lover because they will be impressed by the fact that you care enough for them to get them this. This kit actually contains tools that will perfectly massage the parts of the body that have the greatest impact during the swing. If your friend has pain in those areas after a few games, this is the perfect gift for the. For a cool touch, you can pair it up with a nice massage lotion. It costs about 100 to 150 dollars but it’s definitely something they will remember.

Practice Balls – getting them a pack with 16 or 20 practice balls is another useful and cool gift if your friend is a golfer. It’s not that expensive as you can find packs ranging from 20 dollars to about 40 or 60 so it’s great for those times when you want to show that you care about their hobby without burning a hole in your pocket.