Angry Birds Cool Gifts

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Angry Birds is a hugely popular game where the player controls wingless birds and the main objective is to kill all the pigs on the map; this involves careful shooting and a fun environment. The fact that this game has over 500 million downloads, if we consider the games across all platforms, makes it one of the most famous games right now. Not only is the game a great success and very addictive, but the countless Angry Birds inspired items can be the perfect gift in every situation.

angry birds

Cool Angry Birds gifts can come in many shapes and sizes and a good example of that would be the speakers. They are meant to great sound quality wherever you go and the fact that they look like the famous birds makes them very adorable. There are three models currently available, the black bird, the red bird and the helmet pig. While the red one is compatible with a variety of devices, the other two are only available for Apple products such as iPad, iPhone and iPad. It can be very easy to connect to speakers to your device and listen to your favorite music.

Another great gift would be an Angry Birds pillow. The perfect size and the fluffy material used to make them means that they will look great on your bed and you can also hug them while you sleep. Angry Birds pillows are available of all the characters found in the game and they give you the chance to practice the game in real life; while they will not bring down any buildings, they are surely very fun.

There are also other Angry Birds items which would make the perfect gift. The only thing you need to do is make sure that the person getting these gifts actually played the game and liked it. With so many people downloading it, most people know about it but maybe not everyone is a fan. Cool gifts that resemble the popular characters can be easily found online and if you are a fan, it is hard to resist the urge to get something.