Cool Last Minute Gifts

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There’s always a time when you find yourself in a position to buy a last minute gift, either you have waited too long and procrastinated your purchase or you found out too late about the event you are going to attend. Either way, it is always useful to have a list with last minute gifts in mind. There are two categories here: things you can buy from almost any store and things you can do yourself at home.

Homemade gifts are probably the best when it comes to gifts in general but it might be hard to create something homemade when you are in a hurry.

Candle Jar – just take some jars, some candles that will have to be melted and create a candle jar in about a half an hour. If you have time and you are really good at drawing, you can even make a few designs on the jar, just to give it a little more personality.

A cup of goodies – notice that I didn’t mention a basket of goodies since everybody does that. This will imply you having to go to the store but in the end it’s slightly homemade. So get a big cup, the biggest you can find and fill it with candies, chocolate bars and even a few vanilla sticks held together with a ribbon for aesthetic purposes. It will make a great treat for a special lady friend and she will always remember your unique gift.

Last minute gifts that can be bought are easier to obtain so here are some helpful ideas:

Virtual Gifts – things like gift cards for a website, a cool ebook or even a new album they have been meaning to listen to, these all make wonderful last minute gifts that can be purchased fast. You can also buy them a subscription at a virtual magazine or, if they love playing mmorpg games, a few more months to extend their subscription to their favorite game.

General goods – these can also be great for a person you don’t know well and they usually are the first things that come into mind when thinking about a last minute gift: a bottle of expensive wine or champagne, a box of chocolates, or a nice bouquet of flowers.