EOS DiskTape Watch To Bring That 90s Feel

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Do you miss those 90s when everything was cool and everybody was carefree? You were probably young during that time so you definitely listened to a lot of music. You can have that feeling now, but without the old technology. This cool watch features a nice cassette tape that will bring you back to those amazing times. With such a cool accessory you will be able to express your unique personality on your wrist. The EOS watch brings back the retro recording medium, made of high quality steel so it’s made to resist.  Think about all those times when you will share your retro preference for things with those that will inquire about your watch. You can even pair it up with a vintage suit to look even cooler.

EOS DiskTape Watch

The way you tell time is pretty amazing too; the watch actually works like a cassette with the ribbon wound moving from one side to the other in the second rhythm. It also features a really cool design as it has luminous hands on the right hand for the hour and minute. The amazing thing about this is the act that these hands are actually a bit hidden so you won’t see them at the first glance, which makes this watch look even more amazing because most people won’t see how exactly you are telling the time.

If you want to learn more about the mechanism of the watch you know that it comes with a cool anodized stainless steel body that is made from high quality material. This great watch is paired with a calf skin band that is comfortable and easy to wear along with a buckle clasp. You will also get a Japanese quartz mechanism that will prove durable and reliable in time. Also, if you were worrying about water damaging your watch when you go swimming or diving, you should know that it comes with a water resistance of up to 99 feet which is enough to sustain various water activities.

You can get this cool watch gadget for about 130 dollars and it makes for such a great gift either for a person who loves that Era and wants more items that reminds them of it, or somebody who simply likes standing out in a crowd and has a need to express their personality more. So, besides looking cool, this great watch will also be an excellent time telling device that you will surely love.