Good Kids Tablets

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Children love gadgets, and in a modern world where anybody has gadgets it would be expected that children would have theirs. It is fascinating how this new world of gadget has managed to reach children too and if you want your little one to get into gadgets and into new tech you will have to start from an early age. The new children tablets are equipped not only with fun games for children but also with puzzles and games that will enhance their intellect and creativity.

Barbie Fashion tablet

This might not have all the high tech of your top of the line tablets, nor does it have the many apps you get with other gadgets, however the fact is that the makers of this tablet never really intended to make a tablet for adults. This tablet is great for your beautiful princess who is absolutely in love with the color pink; the fact that it has Barbie on it definitely gives it a big plus. Unfortunately this tablet doesn’t have a colored LCD but it does have a sensitive touch screen so your little girl can easily perform a lot of activities from writing to vocabulary and memorizing. The price is about 50 dollars and you can’t really complain because it’s really affordable.

Archos Child Pad 2

This is definitely a tablet that gets closer to the idea of tablet as it has a 1 GB RAM and a 1GHZ processor and lots of programs that will enhance your children’s creativity. Another cool thing is the fact that you will be able to control the websites your child visits because it comes with parental control; also, they will be able to check out the Kids App Store. The tablet works with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which means that you will easily be able to get most apps on it.

Genius Kids Designer II Tablet

This is definitely a tablet that you want to get if your child is more on the designer side. It comes with Android and it has about 15 games with different difficulty levels that your children can easily enjoy but also a cordless stylus for them to draw with. The tablet is about 70 dollars so it’s pretty affordable if you want to surprise your kid.