Kindle Paperwhite

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Amazon, the American group whose e-reader has revolutionized the books’ market and has made electronic ink popular worldwide, has recently issued three new products on the market: two new versions of their Kindle Fire tablet, including an HD one, and a new Kindle Paperwhite with built-in lighting. But this is not the only technical feature able of making Kindle Paperwhite the new hip of the gadgets’ market.

With 62% more pixels and a contrast increased by 25%, Amazon’s new reading device features a 6-inch touch screen and weighs 213 grams A lot thinner (by 9 mm) than the previous products, with a shorter recharge time (only 4 hours) and two months autonomy, Kindle Paperwhite is an amazing e-reader with a lot of user friendly features. The internal memory of 2 GB enables users to stock an impressive number of books.

 Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon has always based its e-readers on the electronic ink technology E-Ink Pearl, but Kindle Paperwhite takes the reading experience to a new level by its incorporated lighting system, placed on the sides of the screen. Therefore, if you love reading in darkness, you can continue enjoying your book, even in low-light, without disturbing your roommates or your spouse.

Dressed in a black hull, Kindle Paperwhite, is currently available only on the American market, but the prices are really affordable: 119 dollars for the Wi-Fi model and 179 dollars for the 3G version. If you want to get a version without ads, you will have to pay more, though. An additional 20 dollars fee is charged if advertising annoys you.

The result of four years work, Kindle Paperwhite has already impressed many customers, but it has also raised some critics. There are those who argue that the side-lighting is somehow unnatural and that there is still a lot to be done in the electronic ink field until the e-reading experience will equal the hard cover books’ one.