Stay Green With This Solar Charger

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Everyone is concerned with saving the planet and keeping everything green. If you are also a fan of technology that doesn’t consume any of Earth’s limited resources you will surely appreciate this small and useful gadget for your gadgets. There are numerous of gadgets that require electricity to function; mobile phones, tablets, players etc.


The solar gadget charger will help you use your gadgets without having to pay for electricity and without having to damage the planet to listen to music. It can connect by USB and the small size makes it easy to carry wherever you go. When your battery is low, just take the solar charger out, spread its wings and plug in your gadget. It does work better when the sun is out but it also works if it is a bit clouded and it can also act as an emergency power source not only as a charger for the moment.

You can charge it from home using the USB cable which will take about 4 hours and just keep it for emergencies; when your phone runs out and there is nowhere to plug in your charger. Of course, you can use the sun to power your phone and the producer says that it takes up to one hour of charging using the sun for almost half an hour of talking on the phone. To fully charge the gadget from sunlight, it takes around 8 hours and it can keep that power stored for about one year.

You will also be happy to know that this solar charger is made from recycled materials and that both the casing and it are recyclable. Don’t think that is a small thing to do because everything matters when it comes to using less and less limited resources and saving our planet and it is a good way to start being green.