Tool Logic Survival Card

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Sometimes you may find yourself in the middle of the woods carrying only your wallet. And hopefully your pants too.

This might not be your average scenario after a night out with the boys but you can’t be absolutely sure it will never happen; who knows where your drinking games can lead you and the latest movies on this subject have shown pretty frightening stuff. This is when you need the tool that will help you with your survival, the Tool Logic Survival Card. This little thing will make your circumstances a lot happier if you happen to find yourself in the wild. But enough about this scenario, think about it this way, perhaps sometimes you will go in the woods for a nice little hike and you will get lost. What if you have to spend a night all alone? This will help you. It acts like a cool surviving tool because it comes with a bunch of things that will genuinely help you: a 2-inch AUS 8A-type serrated knife, a magnesium alloy fire starter, a signal whistle, tweezers, a toothpick and a red LED flashlight. If having those things doesn’t help you in the woods nothing will. You can always keep it in your pocket for emergency purposes because you never know where your travels might take you.


You can even play “surviving in the woods” with your children; buy this for them and take them hiking to teach them the basics of surviving, there’s nothing cooler than that and they will definitely remember it. It’s also the perfect gift for any outdoorsy person because it can be taken during travels or even a short walk in the woods. The best thing about this cool little thing is the fact that you can always keep it in your wallet, so if the person you are offering it to complain that they pack too heavy for one night in the wild, they will probably appreciate this a lot. This fits perfectly in the wallet and comes with a wide array of tools that are great for survival even for urban survival.