Wireless Audio Docks

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Just as it happened with headphones, the audio docks’ market has recently exploded with the wide spread of mobile players and smartphones.  Long time considered low quality products, they enjoy nowadays a good position as high-end audio accessories as they no longer fall on the second place when compared to a hi-fi stereo device.

Highly oriented towards iPhone and iPod touch, the existing models will have to go through a fast revolution with the arrival of iPhone 5 on the market. Indeed, this was the first time since 2003, when Apple introduced the Dock connector, that the reputed company decided to switch to a Lightning connection port. While some consumer groups find the change outrageous, others think it was but logical, even inevitable, considering the permanent quest for miniaturization in the smartphones’ sector.

Yet there is a solution for those who do not want to depend on a single plug or to buy an adapter sold by Apple for 29 € and it comes in the form of wireless docks. With these connector free devices, you run fewer risks of incompatibility. Two standards are currently popular on the market: Bluetooth and AirPlay.

Wireless Audio Docks

The first has the advantage of working with most types of equipment, regardless of brand or operating system. Unfortunately, it comes with two drawbacks: a bigger battery and a sound quality that is far from ideal. You can blame the latter on a technical limitation that compresses the audio signal to 128 kB/s.

The AirPlay is limited to Apple products, but it begins to be widely adopted by manufacturers, especially on high-end models. Fans will appreciate, however, the quality of its lossless signal which allows users to operate uncompressed audio files. As it usually happens, quality comes with a price and these devices are considerably more expensive than the Bluetooth ones.