Best Gifts for a Couple

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Anniversaries and Christmas parties’ invitations sound fun until you realize you’re supposed to bring some gifts. They’re your best friends, you’ve been following their romance from the very beginning, and suddenly you get this great idea. Why not buy something they both could enjoy? It’s not a question of money, it saves you the headache of finding two presents. One present for two people, that sounds doable! Indeed, but what should you choose? Here are a few ideas to make your life easier and your shopping hassle-free!

Silk sheets

This works if you’re really good friends with the happy couple and can afford to show up with a cheeky gift like this. Pick a color to match their bedroom decorations and you can add a bottle of wine, perfect for a romantic night. No doubt they’ll be pleased with your gift, not to mention how much fun everybody at the party will have seeing what you bought.

Couple bracelets

That’s a very sweet and thoughtful gift for a young couple. Find a set with two matching bracelets they can wear as a reminder of the love they have for each other. Couple bracelets are meant to complete each other, just as your friends complete each other’s life. Best thing you can do is to look for something handmade, perhaps with a gemstone that might have a special meaning for your friends.

Lovers’ statue

If their love is fairly new and passionate, a lovers’ statue would look great in their living room. Look for something cute and tasteful, like a little statue of a man and a woman holding each other.

Champagne for two

Not just a bottle of champagne, think in terms of a set with two magnificent crystal glasses they will have for many, many years. They will surely appreciate the thought as it is such a personal gift, something only the two of them can enjoy.

Ceramic pizza stone

If they’ve only recently moved together, anything in the kitchen department will be highly appreciated. Obviously you cannot show up with a frying pan, that’s lame, but who doesn’t like pizza? Or have some of your common friends chip in and buy a sleek coffee machine for the lovely couple. And two personalized mugs to go with it.

Luxury fragrance set

A classy gift suitable for every occasion. Who doesn’t appreciate a bottle of perfume? Best do some snooping around to see what sort of fragrances the lady of the house prefers. Women are hard to please when it comes to perfumes!

Lyrics on canvas

Custom-made gifts are always appreciated as they show you put in some thought in choosing that present. If you know their favorite song, perhaps the song they danced to on their wedding night, you can order a canvas painting with the lyrics that must have a very special meaning for them.

Date-night ideas

There comes a time in every couple’s life when routine sets in and they kinda tend to spend their nights in front of the TV. Help them spice up their life with a novelty 100 date-night ideas board or notebook. The latter is especially fun as besides offering new and funny ideas, the notebook can be used to write down exactly how the date felt or a funny incident that happened that night.

Special experience

Surprise your friends with tickets to a concert of their favorite artist, or maybe a theater performance. Once again, you can ask other people to chip in so you can buy them tickets to a show they cannot really afford. Young couples need such special nights together to create memories. Just make sure they don’t already have tickets to that show!

His & Her Bathrobe

Look for something luxurious, something soft and comfy. A set of bathrobes in matching colors are always an elegant gift. You can never have too many bathrobes. If you feel it’s not enough you can add matching slippers, something definitely fluffy. Or you can buy a set of expensive his&her towels in a luxury set. If you can get their initials embroidered, even better.

Whatever you choose for your friends make sure the gift feels special, let it show you care enough to go out of the way to find something unique for them. The best choice for this couple of friends is a personalized gift or a handmade item! They’re special to you and they’re special as a couple!