Cool Gifts For A Fashionista

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If you are stuck buying a gift for a fashionista, you will be happy to learn that there are some ways you can make her happy even when you have no idea about what makes things fashionable or not. Here is our guide with the best cool gift ideas that will impress a fashionista.

Gucci Rabbit – Fur Headphones – if you want something that is both fashionable and will prove to be useful, a pair of Gucci Headphones is the perfect gift, and they are not just headphones, they are made with rabbit fur and have a great trendy design. You can buy them for about 250 dollars because price shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to buying something for a fashionista.

Custom Made Pampering Basket – Why not get her a cool custom made basket? You can add the famous 120 colors makeup palette for about 50 dollars, a few body care products from Philosophy, which is famous for their cool fragrance and why not add a cool Balenciaga L’Essence candle that will make all this experience more wonderful? This should cost about 150 dollars, but it will definitely make your fashionista princess happy.

Fashion Magazine Subscription – if you really want to impress a fashionista what better gift is there than a fashion magazine subscription? To make things even cooler you should try a long term subscription like a year or two. However, make sure that you know what her favorite fashion magazine is, as you wouldn’t want to subscribe her to the competition. Or you could buy vintage editions of the well-known fashion magazines, chances are that she will probably remember all from childhood if she had this hobby for a long time.

Tickets to Fashion Week Or Various Fashion Shows – This is definitely the ultimate gift when it comes to buying something for a fashionista. These tickets should always be bought in advance so make sure that you book them at least a few weeks prior to the event. She will surely thank you for the wonderful gift, especially if you get her two tickets and she is able to get a fashion obsessed friend with her.