Led Crystal Earrings

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Diamonds have been considered a girl’s best friends but nowadays things are starting to change and girls are definitely more interested into other things than what they used to be. If you have a geeky girlfriend she will definitely appreciate this gift. But what are we talking about? The LED Crystal Earrings, of course. They are definitely sparkling, more sparkling than diamonds that’s for sure and they look nice. The earrings will, quite literally brighten up your girlfriend, actually because they are illuminated. This might not be the standard gift for a romantic date but they are sure to bring a smile on her face and she will probably wear them with pride, sometimes. Also, look at the bright side, no pun intended, you can actually see your girlfriend in the dark if you are looking for her.

Led Crystal Earrings pic

How were these beautiful earrings possible? The earrings have been sculpted to look like a crystal and they simply light up when the back of the earring is put on. That is because on the back of the earring you can find mini-batteries that will also help you hold the earring in place. You don’t always have to light up your earrings so you can easily switch the backs with regular earring backs that are made with rubber or metal. These will certainly impress your girlfriend and even if she is mad at you for not buying her something that has high value, they will definitely put a smile on her face. However, they should probably be part of a bigger gift if you are going to offer her something that will announce a special occasion. For example, if it’s her birthday or your relationship anniversary these may not be sufficient but if you just thought of her and wanted to get her something nice that makes her smile, these can be pretty cool.

They are the perfect gift to get for a girl who is more on the geeky side or a girl with a good sense of humor. You should probably avoid them if your girlfriend specifically asked for diamond earrings.