LG GD910

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Mobile phones have become very popular nowadays, so much so that everybody has one and they never leave the house without it. While today’s phones are all about having a bigger screen and offering new apps, the LG GD910 combines the practicality of a wristwatch with the features of a phone. This cool gadget can’t really be described as a watch since it can turn into a phone very quickly with the help of the 1.3” touchscreen that allows you to form a number and make a call.

LG GD910

It also has great voice recognition software that allows users to just say a command to their watch and make a call, much like the spies we see in movies. It has a built-in speaker that allows you to actually have a conversation with someone by using your watch but if that seems a bit too uncomfortable, you can just use a Bluetooth headset. It even has a small camera so you can make video-calls from your wrist.

As far as design goes, LG has kept a similar style used for the phones and so this watch-phone is very elegant with nice lines and a great looking case. It can basically do anything a regular phone can do; make a call, write and send a text, listen to music, take photos. The voice command features make it even more interesting because users have the option to talk to this gadget and even make it read a text message so that they don’t have to.

The price is a bit much at $800 but it is basically a small phone you can wear on your wrist. It comes with a Bluetooth headset so that you don’t have to keep it to your ear when talking on it and it is overall a very cool gadget to have. It is only available in some European countries with UK being the main market for it. Everyone remembers the movies where the spy talks into his watch to call for help; LG has offered a similar gadget but they made it with a lot more style and elegance.