Skateboard Backpack

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One of the staples of urban fashion, the skateboard backpack has managed to become one of the most popular way people carry their objects during the day, while also providing room to attach their skateboard. This amazingly versatile and useful accessory first appeared as a useful tool for skateboarders to carry their boards to school, on road trips, or while searching for skate spots. The way the backpack managed to fit the skateboard or longboard is by attaching it to the front by one or more Velcro straps.

In this way, you could easily access it without having to open too many pockets and you have the entire backpack available to store other objects. Skateboarders usually carried spare parts, tool and wax, but now a day’s people can carry anything from notebooks for school to groceries.


As technology evolved over the years and laptops become more and more available, backpack manufacturers adapted and created special compartments to store your laptop safely. This means that with one simple skateboard backpack, you can carry your laptop, your skateboard, books, and dozens of other products all securely strapped to your back.

Brands like Globe, Vans, Volcom or Zero are just a few skateboard firms that manufacture high quality and beautifully designed backpacks. This is where the amazing functionality of the backpack meets design and fashion. Some models have a normal design while others are real canvases for amazing graphics. They also come in interesting shapes and color combinations, creating a very versatile fashion accessory.

Regardless of the brand or the design or material choice, the vast majority of skateboard backpacks are extremely durable as they are created to resist rough surface of the skateboard grip tape as well as Vaseline or wax stains. Most of them are designed for urban comfort so they might not be the best choice for a long backpack trip through the woods where you need to carry water canteens and sleeping sacks.

They are however big enough to store the day to day necessary items and still allow the wearer to make his way comfortably through a crowded subway cart or a school hallway.