The Bradley watch

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If you came here to read about an usual, average watch this is definitely not it. The Bradley watch, besides being a great concept that helps a lot of people, manages to be one of the coolest watches that ever existed. If you haven’t heard about this watch yet, it should be available soon in your location because it has just finished its pledge on Kickstarter which was a great success. But what makes this watch so cool? The fact that you don’t need to use your eyes to read it. However, this is not a watch created for blind people necessarily; it’s definitely a watch for everybody. Actually, because unusual watches are so appealing to a lot of folks, probably many customers will buy this watch not for its cool functionality but the way it looks. You just touch the dial and you will know what the time is.


How does it work? The watch comes with two small metallic balls. The balls move into two places, one indicating the minutes on the inside of the dial and the other indicating the hour, on the edge of the case. These are moved with the help of magnets so even if you disturb the ball’s place when touching the watch it will go back to its initial position once you move your wrist.

Why is this watch necessary? First of all, it is a great tool for people who can’t see because it’s very easy to use and has a sleek design. Besides that, it’s also a great tool for people who can see because they can check out their watch in situations where this is inappropriate like a date or the movies or even during their lunch meeting. This wouldn’t seem like a serious argument but just think of those times when you were having lunch with someone or listening to someone talk and they were completely boring; I bet you would have given your life just to know what time it is, but you couldn’t do it because it would have been impolite and may have upset the person. This is why this watch is so amazing and besides that, it looks extremely cool and has an average size that complements any wrist.