From Retro to Modern iPhone Cases

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It’s hard to find a cool iPhone case that really matches your personality and sense of style but luckily there are so many available in such a varied array of styles. Check out the following cool iPhone cases and you will surely find one that will suit your distinct personality, whether you are a person who loves a more retro style or more of a modern fan.

If you are looking for that classy vintage twist, a retro iPhone case is what would give your phone the distinction it needs.

SteamPunk iPhone Case

Forget any time machine you might have around, forget alchemy you might be trying to study! This iPhone case turns gold to copper and present day reality into a steampunk universe. Crafted by a 19th century copper worker with an affinity for technology, this is the way to go and definitely a case that will stand out, look cool and protect your iPhone.


Portel Retro Modern

If Clint Eastwood’s character Dirty Harry ever popped out his iPhone for a casual SMS, this is the iPhone case he would have wrapping his favorite phone. Aged leather with pockets for your important credit or business cards will definitely make you look elegant with a dash of retro. An iPhone case that is suited for any respectable man out there.


Retro 80

If you’re ever in the business of ruining a corporation for your personal profit or crashing Wall Street, this is the iPhone case any big shot business man should have. Gordon Gekko was consulted in the making of this iPhone case and would personally approve and would probably not work with you if you didn’t have this.


Vintage Camera Case For iPhone 4 / 4S

Are you an analog camera fan? Although this would go on your iPhone you can still somehow get the cool vintage style of old devices.  This works great for both photography nuts and people who just want to walk around with a cool accessory.


For those of you who always wanted to have the newest thing out there, some modern iPhone cases  can definitely improve your style. Here are the best we found:

Orbit iPhone Case

If NASA would ever send cyborg honeybees to build something in space, they would come up with this amazing iPhone case design. It is available in cool colors like pink, yellow, blue or green so you can be sure to find something you will absolutely love to show off. A cool iPhone case for those who want something modern and high tech looking for their favorite phone.


Mophie Juice Pack iPhone case

This iPhone case will surely protect your phone in the harshest conditions as it definitely looks like it fell straight from Robocop’s pocket. You don’t have to be shot to get Robocop’s armor, all you need is this iPhone case to protect your favorite gadget from damage.


Capsule Rebel iPhone case

If you want something that will wrap your favorite phone into what looks like a case from an Alien movie, this is the right direction for you. It can also go as an abstract futuristic design for those who appreciate that type of art and will surely impress everybody around you.


CandyShell Grip for iPhone 4S/4

Get high techy when it comes to both protection and design with this cool new iPhone case. And this is not all, you will also get to impress people around you with another feature: it’s ergonomic, it keeps your phone safe and it’s the right choice for the modern man living in an urban jungle.