Amazon Fire Phone

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One of the coolest gadgets on the market, the Amazon Fire Phone is definitely something to be desired. The phone promises new interactions that are not available with other smartphones as well as a whole new different experience when it comes to accessing your gadget. The new Amazon Fire Phone features enhanced options such as tilt, auto scroll, swivel, and peek so that you can easily navigate all menus as well as making shortcuts even faster. The gadget also features the firefly technology which identifies printed web and email addresses as well as phone numbers, bar codes and other millions of items. Besides that, you will get free and live video support with an Amazon expert nonstop; so if you encounter any problems with your phone, you can easily solve them.


The Amazon Fire Phone creates new access menus, interesting navigation menus that give you a new sense of liberty when using your phone. For example, the Swivel option is great to access your notifications and make quick actions such as changing the settings or opening the flashlight. With Peek options you will be able to get more information about an item without opening a new window so that leaves your phone working faster and your display a lot less cluttered.

The Firefly option, as we mentioned earlier, is a great way to recognize different pieces of information or have access to various artists, writers and even business cards. This way, your phone will become the most important tool you have when you want to gain more knowledge about the surrounding environment.

Everybody is wondering if Amazon is starting to make products that rival with iPhone or Samsung Galaxy; we will see whether this Amazon Fire Phone is really a great and new approach to smartphones or if it’s just another one in the pack.