Fingertip Mini Cube Speaker

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Let’s be honest, sometimes we need to have good speakers for our phones. The greatest thing about it is the fact that that we can listen to music loudly whenever we feel like it. The problem with portable speakers is the fact that they are far from being portable and some of them take a lot of space or are very hard to carry around. So what to do in these conditions? You can try these cool portable speakers or offer them to a friend you know will definitely appreciate. They are extremely small, about an inch and you can play music from any source you wish with them. Also, it is pretty obvious that they are very easy to carry, even in your pocket if you prefer. If you want to measure them, you should know that they look like a pretty small dice and they weigh about 17 grams so that you can even hold them in your hand if you want more power. You can even use them as accessories, pin them to your clothes, pin them everywhere, they will just look like cool small jewelry at most. They are also about 0.8 watt so you get pretty ok sound.


It seems that this is the perfect gift for a geek friend who enjoys having all kinds of interesting gadgets around or someone who likes listening to music from a portable source and they need something to carry around that would be light. And there’s nothing lighter than this, actually it seems that these are the world’s smallest speakers so if you want something cool, these should be it.

There are some cool features to this small Fingertip Mini Cube speaker; for example, it has a small hole that you can use to add a keychain so you know that you will never lose them and it also comes with a small port so that you can charge them using an USB. Also, this little thing makes for a pretty inexpensive but very cool gift considering that you can find it for approximately 10 dollars in stores.