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Tracking your fitness activity is extremely important if you want to see results but it can be a tedious task if you are not willing to do it every day. Fortunately there are hundreds of gadgets and apps out there that are helping you keep track of your progress but not all of them are extraordinary.

The FuelBand has been created to make your job as a fitness lover so much easier. What does it do? It tracks your fitness activity and differentiates the things you do. For example, the FuelBand makes it easier for you because it can tell the difference between you taking a walk or doing a push up. Other tracking devices are just pedometers but this one really “knows” what you are doing. You can take it to the gym and it will keep track of each exercise you are doing.

Nike + FuelBand

Besides being so awesome, the FuelBand is also extremely subtle so you can wear it even when you are not exercising or at work. It’s also pretty fun to use and it might help you do even more exercises. One thing that you will love is the fact that it will alert you if you are not doing anything for the day as well as monitor your sleeping patterns so that it knows when the best time to do your fitness routine is. The FuelBand is so awesome it will recognize up to 100 different activities because it uses the same technology as Xbox uses, a technology that recognizes your gestures. Also, behind your band, the package also includes a shoe clip so it will track both upper body and lower body movements.  FuelBand also has a skin temperature sensor along with a heart rate monitor and a tool for measuring the oxygen content of your blood.