G-Paws Pet GPS Tracker

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Every cat or dog owner’s nightmare is having his cute pet lost. Sometimes a cat or a dog can travel for miles and sometimes they have a hard time coming back home. Other times they might get stolen, especially if they are purebred. Whatever the case, having a cool GPS tracker on your cat will make your life a lot easier. Buying G-Paws Pet GPS Tracker is a great way to ensure your friend’s safety not to mention the cool perks it can offer you.

G-Paws Pet GPS Tracker

First of all G-Paws is the world’s lightest GPS weighing just about 11 grams. This makes it easy to wear by both dogs and cats not to mention the fact that it can go completely undetected. Besides actually searching for your cat or dog, the GPS allows you to measure what your animal does at night. Dogs usually don’t wander at night, or at least they aren’t allowed by their owners, but this is extremely useful for a cat owner as it allows them to see where their cat wanders and if those areas are safe for it.

But how does this cool gadget work? First of all, the G-Paws uses a high sensitivity GPS receiver that detects and records its movement every 5 seconds. This recorder will show you exactly what the movements of your animal are and where they are headed. It can also store hundreds of journeys so that you can easily make a pattern and see exactly what areas attract your animal. All the data collected is transferred to a PC or laptop. Another cool feature is the power down feature, which allows the G-Paws to shut down when there is no motion. This way you can see whether your animal has spent their day lying on the floor or walking about. You can also create a profile through the gadget and upload pictures of your pet, just like a social website.

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