Gadgets That Make Parenthood Bearable

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Parenthood has become a lot simple thanks to modern technology and new parents are not having less of a headache when it comes to their children. Here are some of the best gadgets that will not only improve your life satisfaction but also make the little one feel better.

4moms Origami Stroller

If you are in need of a high tech stroller, the 4moms Origami Stroller should be your first choice. This amazing stroller comes with power folding, which means that at the touch of a button it folds itself. It also comes with four cup holders and reflective piping that adds to the stroller’s visibility, especially during the night. The adjustability of the seat makes it easier for you to give your child the most comforting environment while you can easily go around and do your chores. It also comes with a cool LCD screen that lets you know how much you have travelled, among other things.

4moms Cleanwater Collection

The infant tub that manages to replace all infant tubs is the 4moms Cleanwater Collection; it comes with so many features it will make bath time a great time for you and your child. Some of the features this amazing gadgets has are: digital thermometer, spout cover, bath sponge, etc. which definitely improve all the experience.

It’s easy to install and has great mildew resistance. It’s easy to clean and it has double basin sinks that can be used in the bathtub. It works with running water so that you can give your child a clean bath wherever you may be. You will never have to worry about those pesky baths when you have Cleanwater Collection that will help you keep your child clean.

Goodnight Sleep Trainer

Sleeping during the first months is pretty tough on both the parents and the child. This easy to use product is going to be a life saver as you can teach your 4 month old how to sleep through the night.

The device is pretty simple, it monitors and records how long the baby sleeps, wakes and cries and keeps track of how long it takes you to sooth your baby, spacing your visits further apart until your child is able to self sooth thus giving both the child and yourself longer stretches of sleep.