Get A Keyboard For Your iPad

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If you own an iPad you have probably learned by now that having a touch screen for a keyboard is not as useful as having an actual keyboard, with real buttons. Of course, the iPad is great at many things and it can help you in many ways but it is mostly used for internet browsing. The multi-touch screen you use as a keyboard when you need to type something can now be changed to a small and easy keyboard. This physical keyboard can be connected to your iPad by Bluetooth and it maintains the same style.

The materials used make it very resistant and also very good looking with a finish that resembles the iPad and with a weight that won’t be a problem when you need to take it with you; just 12.80 oz. The keyboard has its own rechargeable lithium battery and can also be connected by USB to your iPad or even to you PC at home.


Basically, this cool gadget is perfect for you if you constantly need to write long texts, respond to a lot of mails or if you just don’t like the touch keyboard. Many consumers prefer physical buttons because they are used to the feeling and can type much faster. This keyboard will keep your iPad facing at a perfect angle and it will turn your tablet into a high-tech, good looking laptop which can fit perfectly into your baggage for when you need to be on the road.

Buy it for yourself or get it as a gift for your friend that already has an iPad; it will make him happy and he will wonder how he ever used his tablet without this great gadget. At a price of just $100, it is probably the best improvement to an already great piece of technology.