Is There a Future for the Gaming Consoles Market

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Experts argue that handheld game consoles tend to become a niche market, reduced from a quantitative point of view, but still profitable and able to survive, despite all the apps that have been developed during the last years for mobiles and tablets. With an estimated amount of 38 million portable gaming consoles to be sold by Sony and Nintendo in 2013, the account is far from the peak of 47 million units reached in 2008. Moreover, smartphones and touch pads have already shown their potential as fun generating gadgets, supported by an impressive catalog of games available at very low prices or even with a free version.

However, the field’s experts are not pessimistic. Although they predict a gradual decline in the segment of gaming consoles and a substantial shift towards smartphones and tablets, they argue that the latter will not be able to eliminate gaming consoles from the market. Sony and Nintendo will still be preferred by demanding passionate players, while smartphones and tablets will cover the general public segment. Positioning themselves as professionals of the gaming sector would probably be the winning strategy for the above mentioned companies.

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The only question that remains is if there will be enough interest from developers to maintain the range of products at a satisfying level of variety. Gamers’ tastes tend to diversify and consoles manufacturers risk to lose a part of their clients’ base if they don’t succeed to keep up with the rapid pace of technological development manifest in the mobile devices world. It seems that Sony has already acknowledged the potential problem. They have renamed their games portal for smartphones PlayStation Mobile and focuse on the game sector as one of the strategical pillars of their effort to catch a part of the mobile market.