T42 Headphone Splitter

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If you ever wanted to listen to something with a friend, coworker or your significant other than you know how annoying it can be to put a tune on speaker in a public place or to share a set of earphones. The problem has gotten even worse with the development of awesome gadgets like smartphones and tablets. An ideal solution would be to have a splitter but who carries a splitter around just in case you want to share music with someone.

Now, if a splitter were to be stylish and to serve an extra purpose, then it has the potential to become an irreplaceable part of your everyday baggage. This is where the T42 Headphone Splitter comes into play. This trendy, beautifully designed little gadget works both as a stylish splitter and as a rubberized stylus for you iPhone or any touchscreen device you may carry with you. It really doesn’t get any better than this as you can now listen to music with your friends or significant other while you ride the bus, are on a plane or in a public space without bothering anyone.

T42 Headphone Splitter

Even if you were alone and you wouldn’t bother anyone by listening to music on speaker, the sound quality is mediocre even in the best smartphones. The T42 Headphone Splitter is also ideal for your tablet. Imagine a long plane ride where you and a friend can easily watch a movie on your tablet without having to order a second pair of earphones from the flight attendant.

As an added bonus the rubberized stylus will keep your tablet smudge and scratch free, prolonging its pristine life. The amazing design of this smart little gadget is also pleasant, making it an instant attraction and even a conversation starter if you want it to be.  So if you want to give your smartphone experience a new dimension look into purchasing a T42 Headphone Splitter today!