Tenth’s Doctor Universal Tool

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Who doesn’t like “Doctor Who”? For those who are absolute fans of the show you can get the cool Tenth’s Doctor Universal tool. The tool has been used by the Time Lords and will help your friend or you get things fixed around the house. For example, sometimes you might need to unscrew something or repair your TV but there are no tools around. However with the Tenth’s Doctor Universal Tool you can get all those things fixed in no time. If you have a picky friend who is a geek and you simply don’t know what to get him, this amazing gift is just the right pick.

This universal screwdriver and remote control will help you control a wide array of things: your TV, your iPod, mobile phone and even other gadgets. This powerful tool can help you get out of some pretty tricky situations.

The functionality of this product is amazing and it can be one of the best gifts a girlfriend could ever offer to her difficult geeky boyfriend that seems uninterested in usual stuff. This way they will simply gain control of every gadget in the house, which makes things easier for you when trying to find a suitable gift and more interesting for him when trying to become the Lord of Gadgets. It can be programmed to fit 39 remote controls so the person handling this amazing tool will be able to control a wide array of gadgets.

This is actually a 1:1 replica of the object seen in the show so when you are holding this baby in your hand you will actually feel like you are holding the real one. The coolest thing about it that would probably impress any geek to tears is the fact that it plays some of the special effects that can be seen in the show. So this means that you can actually recreate what you see there, which is probably every geek’s dream.

Also, the cool Tenth’s Doctor Universal Tool comes with a protective case so that you keep it safe when you travel with it.