The Wallet Ninja

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There are many ways in which you can make a card functional: you can probably open doors with it, use it to slice things or simply use it for its intended purpose. However, what we are about to present is the  most efficient tool you’ll ever carry in your pocket, and it’s called The Wallet Ninja.  You might be wondering what the Wallet Ninja is and how it can help you. Well, it’s sort of a tool, but more of a selection of tools to be precise. Something like, 18 tools in one. This amazing card-like tool is a great inexpensive gift for the handyman and actually for any person because there is a tool for any situation.

The Wallet Ninja

This interesting little gadget is comprised of 4 screwdrivers that make up the most used sizes of screws, 2 rulers, 4 types of openers, 6 wrenches, a peeler and even a cell phone stand.  So, it is extremely useful for everyday activities even if anything you are doing is opening beer bottles. It’s also extremely useful for the person who is camping out a lot, as every tool there is going to be extremely useful, from the can opener to the screwdrivers.

You might wonder what this amazing thing is made of. It is so sturdy because it is made from 4 times heat treated stainless steel so that it has the great durability even if you use it multiple times a day. It is also treated against rust and it will never bend.

Whether you have a skateboard, a bike, a car or any other type of vehicle you can easily tighten up, replace or change parts on the go. Forget about carrying large bags of tools or any other tool for that matter. You can use this diverse tool for everything and you can even take it with you on vacation while saving up a lot of space.