Buying Replica Watch – Bad Idea

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There is a big fad concerning replica watches nowadays with people not just wanting to buy one or two but actually collecting them. Some argue that this might hurt the original watch business while others consider that the people who are buying replicas would have never bought an original to begin with. Whatever the truth is, replica watches can be a bad decision for some and here is why:

Most websites that offer replica watches are scams, sometimes they don’t send any package to the buyer while other times they just send really bad replicas. They make you want to buy a certain watch by telling you it’s a premium replica, but the truth is, there are very few replica manufacturers that actually make good watches. So replica watches might not harm anybody who is creating original watches but those who want to make a profit might take advantage of customers who don’t have the money to buy an original but are prepared to pay a hefty sum for a replica.


Custom officials have declared that replica watches are one of the number one items that are bought as fake watches manage to satisfy customers who cannot buy the real thing. They offer a certain status symbol and even when they are bad fakes, the people still have a hard time distinguishing some from the originals. What’s interesting however is the fact that the original watch makers don’t own copyright on their design, only on their brand name, which makes some of the copies out there completely legal as long as no element that has been subjected to copyright is actually used in the making of the watch.

Deciding whether to buy a replica or not is totally up to the buyer but unfortunately the percentage of buyers who get scammed when buying these watches is on the rise, making replica watches overall a bad idea. Those who spend an ungodly amount of time researching and making sure that they know their source might end up with watches that are more of a “homage watch”. These watches are very hard to find and on the internet they are only part of small communities that are not available to the general public. This is one of the ways they can get their hands on a quality replica watch, but for most out there, bad watches are the norm and that usually puts off most people in search of a good watch.