10 Cool Gifts Under $150

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Finding the perfect gift can sometimes be difficult and not just because you don’t know what to get, but also because the right gift is usually very expensive. To make sure that you don’t have to spend all your money on a gift, here is a list of 10 cool gifts that won’t cost you more than $150 each.

Let’s start with something really cheap and really cute that can be perfect as a gift. A submarine for your cup of tea can be a great gift and it will help you make tea faster, easier and in a very unique way. The second gift is to make sure that you always know where you left your keys; it is a bird keychain that comes with a small bird house so you put it there when you get home and always know where the keys are. Something just as affordable and interesting is a camera lens cup; it looks really cool on the table and even better when you drink from it.

For gamers, the perfect gift would be a button-laden pad that can easily connect to your smartphone and offer analog controls for your games. A fifth idea would be a pair of bass-heavy ear buds that will make your music even better; they look good, work great and look stylish. Since we are talking about style, the sixth gift on the list is an aviator hat that will keep you warm in a chic way. Number 7 is also about making sure you look your best in every situation and it is a shirt shuttle; this cool gift makes sure that your shirt stays wrinkle free and ready for action.

For those that like listening to music under the shower, there is no better gift than a water powered radio. Yes, this little gadget will use the water from your shower and transform it into energy so that you can rock out to your favorite tunes.

The cool gift number 9 is all about making sure you have all the storage space you need for your movie collection; it is a 500 GB external drive that is small and luxurious. Last but not least, we have a toy helicopter that can be controlled with your smartphone.