Tag Heuer Watches

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TAG Heuer is one of the leading watch brands on the globe with a high fascination for advanced technology and exquisite designs. The company’s motto “Swiss Avant-Garde Since 1860” defines its spirit and its continuous focus on precision, progress, and innovation, key coordinates in the TAG Heuer’s philosophy.

Currently, Tag Heuer produces several extremely popular lines dedicated to those who prefer elegant and classic looking watches with a soft touch of sportiness and modernity. Among these much sought after lines we mention Carrera, Formula One, Monaco, Aquaracer and Grand Carrera.

One of the main reasons why Tag Heuer has become so popular in a very short time is because the brand cleverly decided to associate its name with some of the most famous Hollywood and sports stars. This innovative thinking and bold spirit was the spark that guaranteed its place in the luxury watches niche. We should also mention its other very impressive marketing skills that high-rocketed the company’s image. During the 1920, it was the official timekeeper of the  Summer Olympic Games, it sponsored the Formula One World Championships, the Skiing World Championships and it has designed a timepiece for the McLaren F1 team. And of course, all these extensive awareness efforts were completed by the very long list of Hollywood and sports ambassadors.

McLaren F1

As always, behind a successful watch name there is a very artful designer. For Tag Heuer, London-based Christoph Behling was the creative spirit that gave shape to so many extraordinary timepieces. Since 2004, he was the mastermind who delighted our watch passion with modern and stylish sports- inspired designs with a twist for innovation.

The brand has always been in a continuous search for perfection and this can be seen in its most recent models. The Carrera Calibre 360 is the first mechanical wrist watch with a chronograph that can measure and display time to 1/100 of a second. The Monaco V4 has a movement that is driven by belts and not by gears as most watches. And the Monaco 69 has both a traditional mechanical movement with a hinged movement that makes it possible to change the watch between its two separate dials and a digital chronograph accurate to a millisecond.


Clearly, Tag Heuer has a passion for technology, for offering extreme functionality and very complex novelties. This is why most Tag Heuer watches are equipped with a chronograph. The company has created in January 2011 its first watch with the in-house Mikrograph movement that is accurate to 1/100 of a second. The name of this model is Carrera Mikrograph. And because Tag Heuer and the McLaren F1 team were partners for more than 26 years, the brand commemorated the launch of the McLaren MP4-12C supercar by releasing a limited edition Carrera MP4-12C.

The next step on its path for watchmaking perfection was the introduction of the Mikrotimer Flying 1000 at the BaselWorld Show, in March 2011, when the world was amazed by its mechanical watch concept that was accurate to 1/1000 of a second, which means 10 times faster than the Tag Heuer Mikrograph.

And the peak of its work was reached in January 2012 when Tag Heuer has launched its Mikrogirder model that is precise to 5/10,000ths of a second.

Tag Heuer is synonym with luxury, performance and watchmaking perfection. This very famous designer manufactures some of the most appreciated and complex timepieces on the market. Its models are truly unique and beautiful, currently setting the standards for modern horology.

tag smart watch

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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The Galaxy Note 4 is one of the most expected pieces of software from the South Korean giants Samsung. It has to follow in the steps of the excellent Galaxy Note 3 and offer even more features as well as longer lasting batteries and an overall better experience.

The first issues that the Note 4 will have to improve on are maneuverability and grip. The Note 2 was famous for its uncomfortable handling and poor grip. The Note 3 tried to resolve this problem and introduced a leather casing that has received mixed reviews. While some users like the good grip and pleasant texture most people agree that it is a rather tacky addition to a smartphone of its caliber.


According to a press release by Samsung’s senior vice president of product strategy Yoon Han-Ki the new Note 4 will resolve the grip problem with new materials and a new shape. Better waterproofing and a clever solution for the stylus are also expected measures in the new phone.

The display is also expected to have a small increase to 5.8 or a maximum of 5.9 inches as all models did. The original phone started with a 5.3 inch display, the Note 2 grew to 5.5 while the Note 3 has a 5.7 inch display.

The most interesting new features to be expected on the new Galaxy Note are its 2K 2560 x 1440 pixel screen that has almost been confirmed by Samsung as well as the extremely spectacular 3 sided display.

The 3 sided display can change the smartphone game allowing users to run apps while also receiving basic information like weather reports, a music player or a clock and date interface on the small side screens. A flexible screen has also rumored; however, there is nothing to suggest that it is going to appear in the Note 4.


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Tracking your fitness activity is extremely important if you want to see results but it can be a tedious task if you are not willing to do it every day. Fortunately there are hundreds of gadgets and apps out there that are helping you keep track of your progress but not all of them are extraordinary.

The FuelBand has been created to make your job as a fitness lover so much easier. What does it do? It tracks your fitness activity and differentiates the things you do. For example, the FuelBand makes it easier for you because it can tell the difference between you taking a walk or doing a push up. Other tracking devices are just pedometers but this one really “knows” what you are doing. You can take it to the gym and it will keep track of each exercise you are doing.

Nike + FuelBand

Besides being so awesome, the FuelBand is also extremely subtle so you can wear it even when you are not exercising or at work. It’s also pretty fun to use and it might help you do even more exercises. One thing that you will love is the fact that it will alert you if you are not doing anything for the day as well as monitor your sleeping patterns so that it knows when the best time to do your fitness routine is. The FuelBand is so awesome it will recognize up to 100 different activities because it uses the same technology as Xbox uses, a technology that recognizes your gestures. Also, behind your band, the package also includes a shoe clip so it will track both upper body and lower body movements.  FuelBand also has a skin temperature sensor along with a heart rate monitor and a tool for measuring the oxygen content of your blood.

Amazon Fire Phone

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One of the coolest gadgets on the market, the Amazon Fire Phone is definitely something to be desired. The phone promises new interactions that are not available with other smartphones as well as a whole new different experience when it comes to accessing your gadget. The new Amazon Fire Phone features enhanced options such as tilt, auto scroll, swivel, and peek so that you can easily navigate all menus as well as making shortcuts even faster. The gadget also features the firefly technology which identifies printed web and email addresses as well as phone numbers, bar codes and other millions of items. Besides that, you will get free and live video support with an Amazon expert nonstop; so if you encounter any problems with your phone, you can easily solve them.


The Amazon Fire Phone creates new access menus, interesting navigation menus that give you a new sense of liberty when using your phone. For example, the Swivel option is great to access your notifications and make quick actions such as changing the settings or opening the flashlight. With Peek options you will be able to get more information about an item without opening a new window so that leaves your phone working faster and your display a lot less cluttered.

The Firefly option, as we mentioned earlier, is a great way to recognize different pieces of information or have access to various artists, writers and even business cards. This way, your phone will become the most important tool you have when you want to gain more knowledge about the surrounding environment.

Everybody is wondering if Amazon is starting to make products that rival with iPhone or Samsung Galaxy; we will see whether this Amazon Fire Phone is really a great and new approach to smartphones or if it’s just another one in the pack.

LG GD910

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Mobile phones have become very popular nowadays, so much so that everybody has one and they never leave the house without it. While today’s phones are all about having a bigger screen and offering new apps, the LG GD910 combines the practicality of a wristwatch with the features of a phone. This cool gadget can’t really be described as a watch since it can turn into a phone very quickly with the help of the 1.3” touchscreen that allows you to form a number and make a call.

LG GD910

It also has great voice recognition software that allows users to just say a command to their watch and make a call, much like the spies we see in movies. It has a built-in speaker that allows you to actually have a conversation with someone by using your watch but if that seems a bit too uncomfortable, you can just use a Bluetooth headset. It even has a small camera so you can make video-calls from your wrist.

As far as design goes, LG has kept a similar style used for the phones and so this watch-phone is very elegant with nice lines and a great looking case. It can basically do anything a regular phone can do; make a call, write and send a text, listen to music, take photos. The voice command features make it even more interesting because users have the option to talk to this gadget and even make it read a text message so that they don’t have to.

The price is a bit much at $800 but it is basically a small phone you can wear on your wrist. It comes with a Bluetooth headset so that you don’t have to keep it to your ear when talking on it and it is overall a very cool gadget to have. It is only available in some European countries with UK being the main market for it. Everyone remembers the movies where the spy talks into his watch to call for help; LG has offered a similar gadget but they made it with a lot more style and elegance.

The Wallet Ninja

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There are many ways in which you can make a card functional: you can probably open doors with it, use it to slice things or simply use it for its intended purpose. However, what we are about to present is the  most efficient tool you’ll ever carry in your pocket, and it’s called The Wallet Ninja.  You might be wondering what the Wallet Ninja is and how it can help you. Well, it’s sort of a tool, but more of a selection of tools to be precise. Something like, 18 tools in one. This amazing card-like tool is a great inexpensive gift for the handyman and actually for any person because there is a tool for any situation.

The Wallet Ninja

This interesting little gadget is comprised of 4 screwdrivers that make up the most used sizes of screws, 2 rulers, 4 types of openers, 6 wrenches, a peeler and even a cell phone stand.  So, it is extremely useful for everyday activities even if anything you are doing is opening beer bottles. It’s also extremely useful for the person who is camping out a lot, as every tool there is going to be extremely useful, from the can opener to the screwdrivers.

You might wonder what this amazing thing is made of. It is so sturdy because it is made from 4 times heat treated stainless steel so that it has the great durability even if you use it multiple times a day. It is also treated against rust and it will never bend.

Whether you have a skateboard, a bike, a car or any other type of vehicle you can easily tighten up, replace or change parts on the go. Forget about carrying large bags of tools or any other tool for that matter. You can use this diverse tool for everything and you can even take it with you on vacation while saving up a lot of space.

Buying Replica Watch – Bad Idea

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There is a big fad concerning replica watches nowadays with people not just wanting to buy one or two but actually collecting them. Some argue that this might hurt the original watch business while others consider that the people who are buying replicas would have never bought an original to begin with. Whatever the truth is, replica watches can be a bad decision for some and here is why:

Most websites that offer replica watches are scams, sometimes they don’t send any package to the buyer while other times they just send really bad replicas. They make you want to buy a certain watch by telling you it’s a premium replica, but the truth is, there are very few replica manufacturers that actually make good watches. So replica watches might not harm anybody who is creating original watches but those who want to make a profit might take advantage of customers who don’t have the money to buy an original but are prepared to pay a hefty sum for a replica.


Custom officials have declared that replica watches are one of the number one items that are bought as fake watches manage to satisfy customers who cannot buy the real thing. They offer a certain status symbol and even when they are bad fakes, the people still have a hard time distinguishing some from the originals. What’s interesting however is the fact that the original watch makers don’t own copyright on their design, only on their brand name, which makes some of the copies out there completely legal as long as no element that has been subjected to copyright is actually used in the making of the watch.

Deciding whether to buy a replica or not is totally up to the buyer but unfortunately the percentage of buyers who get scammed when buying these watches is on the rise, making replica watches overall a bad idea. Those who spend an ungodly amount of time researching and making sure that they know their source might end up with watches that are more of a “homage watch”. These watches are very hard to find and on the internet they are only part of small communities that are not available to the general public. This is one of the ways they can get their hands on a quality replica watch, but for most out there, bad watches are the norm and that usually puts off most people in search of a good watch.

T42 Headphone Splitter

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If you ever wanted to listen to something with a friend, coworker or your significant other than you know how annoying it can be to put a tune on speaker in a public place or to share a set of earphones. The problem has gotten even worse with the development of awesome gadgets like smartphones and tablets. An ideal solution would be to have a splitter but who carries a splitter around just in case you want to share music with someone.

Now, if a splitter were to be stylish and to serve an extra purpose, then it has the potential to become an irreplaceable part of your everyday baggage. This is where the T42 Headphone Splitter comes into play. This trendy, beautifully designed little gadget works both as a stylish splitter and as a rubberized stylus for you iPhone or any touchscreen device you may carry with you. It really doesn’t get any better than this as you can now listen to music with your friends or significant other while you ride the bus, are on a plane or in a public space without bothering anyone.

T42 Headphone Splitter

Even if you were alone and you wouldn’t bother anyone by listening to music on speaker, the sound quality is mediocre even in the best smartphones. The T42 Headphone Splitter is also ideal for your tablet. Imagine a long plane ride where you and a friend can easily watch a movie on your tablet without having to order a second pair of earphones from the flight attendant.

As an added bonus the rubberized stylus will keep your tablet smudge and scratch free, prolonging its pristine life. The amazing design of this smart little gadget is also pleasant, making it an instant attraction and even a conversation starter if you want it to be.  So if you want to give your smartphone experience a new dimension look into purchasing a T42 Headphone Splitter today!

EOS DiskTape Watch To Bring That 90s Feel

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Do you miss those 90s when everything was cool and everybody was carefree? You were probably young during that time so you definitely listened to a lot of music. You can have that feeling now, but without the old technology. This cool watch features a nice cassette tape that will bring you back to those amazing times. With such a cool accessory you will be able to express your unique personality on your wrist. The EOS watch brings back the retro recording medium, made of high quality steel so it’s made to resist.  Think about all those times when you will share your retro preference for things with those that will inquire about your watch. You can even pair it up with a vintage suit to look even cooler.

EOS DiskTape Watch

The way you tell time is pretty amazing too; the watch actually works like a cassette with the ribbon wound moving from one side to the other in the second rhythm. It also features a really cool design as it has luminous hands on the right hand for the hour and minute. The amazing thing about this is the act that these hands are actually a bit hidden so you won’t see them at the first glance, which makes this watch look even more amazing because most people won’t see how exactly you are telling the time.

If you want to learn more about the mechanism of the watch you know that it comes with a cool anodized stainless steel body that is made from high quality material. This great watch is paired with a calf skin band that is comfortable and easy to wear along with a buckle clasp. You will also get a Japanese quartz mechanism that will prove durable and reliable in time. Also, if you were worrying about water damaging your watch when you go swimming or diving, you should know that it comes with a water resistance of up to 99 feet which is enough to sustain various water activities.

You can get this cool watch gadget for about 130 dollars and it makes for such a great gift either for a person who loves that Era and wants more items that reminds them of it, or somebody who simply likes standing out in a crowd and has a need to express their personality more. So, besides looking cool, this great watch will also be an excellent time telling device that you will surely love.

Lego Stop Motion Video Cam

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A webcam is a pretty useful accessory, everybody uses one and everybody will probably use one if they had one. Also, it is the future of communication, why talk on the phone when you can communicate inexpensively and see the person you are talking to by using a computer, a webcam and an internet connection? This is why buying a webcam as a gift can be a great idea. If your friend likes to stay online a lot, if they have a long distance relationship or even if you want to tell them that they should communicate more with you, the webcam is a great gift. But a simple webcam can seem boring to offer and there are many types of gadgets out there that would improve that experience of making videos. Take for example this cool Lego Stop Motion Video Cam. It’s not a webcam but you can make Stop Motion Animation with it and there’s something about Stop Motion Animation and Lego that awakens something inside us that has been sleeping since childhood. Give this to an adult and you will probably see them acting like children and trying to build the coolest story ever.


This is also a cool gift for your child because it can teach them how to be creative and who knows, maybe you have a Willis O’ Brien in your house and don’t know about it. This is how most directors learn and it’s also a great way to spend some quality time with your kid. And it also involves Lego which is a major plus. The camera comes with a 1.5 inch rotating color screen and a macro lens for shooting close-ups. It also saves the captured videos to a micro SD card that you can insert in an integrated slot. It measures about 3.6 x 1.6 x 2.6 inches and weighs 13.6 ounces. You also get an adjustable tripod that will definitely help you with your stop animation movies and the stop animation software that will be essential in the process. Another benefit is the fact that it costs under $100 so it’s a pretty inexpensive pleasure you can give yourself.