Led Crystal Earrings

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Diamonds have been considered a girl’s best friends but nowadays things are starting to change and girls are definitely more interested into other things than what they used to be. If you have a geeky girlfriend she will definitely appreciate this gift. But what are we talking about? The LED Crystal Earrings, of course. They are definitely sparkling, more sparkling than diamonds that’s for sure and they look nice. The earrings will, quite literally brighten up your girlfriend, actually because they are illuminated. This might not be the standard gift for a romantic date but they are sure to bring a smile on her face and she will probably wear them with pride, sometimes. Also, look at the bright side, no pun intended, you can actually see your girlfriend in the dark if you are looking for her.

Led Crystal Earrings pic

How were these beautiful earrings possible? The earrings have been sculpted to look like a crystal and they simply light up when the back of the earring is put on. That is because on the back of the earring you can find mini-batteries that will also help you hold the earring in place. You don’t always have to light up your earrings so you can easily switch the backs with regular earring backs that are made with rubber or metal. These will certainly impress your girlfriend and even if she is mad at you for not buying her something that has high value, they will definitely put a smile on her face. However, they should probably be part of a bigger gift if you are going to offer her something that will announce a special occasion. For example, if it’s her birthday or your relationship anniversary these may not be sufficient but if you just thought of her and wanted to get her something nice that makes her smile, these can be pretty cool.

They are the perfect gift to get for a girl who is more on the geeky side or a girl with a good sense of humor. You should probably avoid them if your girlfriend specifically asked for diamond earrings.

Stay Green With This Solar Charger

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Everyone is concerned with saving the planet and keeping everything green. If you are also a fan of technology that doesn’t consume any of Earth’s limited resources you will surely appreciate this small and useful gadget for your gadgets. There are numerous of gadgets that require electricity to function; mobile phones, tablets, players etc.


The solar gadget charger will help you use your gadgets without having to pay for electricity and without having to damage the planet to listen to music. It can connect by USB and the small size makes it easy to carry wherever you go. When your battery is low, just take the solar charger out, spread its wings and plug in your gadget. It does work better when the sun is out but it also works if it is a bit clouded and it can also act as an emergency power source not only as a charger for the moment.

You can charge it from home using the USB cable which will take about 4 hours and just keep it for emergencies; when your phone runs out and there is nowhere to plug in your charger. Of course, you can use the sun to power your phone and the producer says that it takes up to one hour of charging using the sun for almost half an hour of talking on the phone. To fully charge the gadget from sunlight, it takes around 8 hours and it can keep that power stored for about one year.

You will also be happy to know that this solar charger is made from recycled materials and that both the casing and it are recyclable. Don’t think that is a small thing to do because everything matters when it comes to using less and less limited resources and saving our planet and it is a good way to start being green.

Tool Logic Survival Card

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Sometimes you may find yourself in the middle of the woods carrying only your wallet. And hopefully your pants too.

This might not be your average scenario after a night out with the boys but you can’t be absolutely sure it will never happen; who knows where your drinking games can lead you and the latest movies on this subject have shown pretty frightening stuff. This is when you need the tool that will help you with your survival, the Tool Logic Survival Card. This little thing will make your circumstances a lot happier if you happen to find yourself in the wild. But enough about this scenario, think about it this way, perhaps sometimes you will go in the woods for a nice little hike and you will get lost. What if you have to spend a night all alone? This will help you. It acts like a cool surviving tool because it comes with a bunch of things that will genuinely help you: a 2-inch AUS 8A-type serrated knife, a magnesium alloy fire starter, a signal whistle, tweezers, a toothpick and a red LED flashlight. If having those things doesn’t help you in the woods nothing will. You can always keep it in your pocket for emergency purposes because you never know where your travels might take you.


You can even play “surviving in the woods” with your children; buy this for them and take them hiking to teach them the basics of surviving, there’s nothing cooler than that and they will definitely remember it. It’s also the perfect gift for any outdoorsy person because it can be taken during travels or even a short walk in the woods. The best thing about this cool little thing is the fact that you can always keep it in your wallet, so if the person you are offering it to complain that they pack too heavy for one night in the wild, they will probably appreciate this a lot. This fits perfectly in the wallet and comes with a wide array of tools that are great for survival even for urban survival.

Fingertip Mini Cube Speaker

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Let’s be honest, sometimes we need to have good speakers for our phones. The greatest thing about it is the fact that that we can listen to music loudly whenever we feel like it. The problem with portable speakers is the fact that they are far from being portable and some of them take a lot of space or are very hard to carry around. So what to do in these conditions? You can try these cool portable speakers or offer them to a friend you know will definitely appreciate. They are extremely small, about an inch and you can play music from any source you wish with them. Also, it is pretty obvious that they are very easy to carry, even in your pocket if you prefer. If you want to measure them, you should know that they look like a pretty small dice and they weigh about 17 grams so that you can even hold them in your hand if you want more power. You can even use them as accessories, pin them to your clothes, pin them everywhere, they will just look like cool small jewelry at most. They are also about 0.8 watt so you get pretty ok sound.


It seems that this is the perfect gift for a geek friend who enjoys having all kinds of interesting gadgets around or someone who likes listening to music from a portable source and they need something to carry around that would be light. And there’s nothing lighter than this, actually it seems that these are the world’s smallest speakers so if you want something cool, these should be it.

There are some cool features to this small Fingertip Mini Cube speaker; for example, it has a small hole that you can use to add a keychain so you know that you will never lose them and it also comes with a small port so that you can charge them using an USB. Also, this little thing makes for a pretty inexpensive but very cool gift considering that you can find it for approximately 10 dollars in stores.

A Car In A Class Of Its Own

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It’s hard to look that the Bugatti Veyron as a regular car. It’s true that it has four wheels, doors and pretty much everything you would expect from a car and it is not that it lacks something that makes it so special, but the many features it has extra. Every part is meant to withstand extreme conditions but also be as light as possible and it needs to be able to handle a huge amount of horsepower for a long time. This makes every component of the Bugatti Veyron, a work of art and when everything is put together perfectly, the result is a masterpiece.

Bugatti Veyron

The looks are amazing with every inch is made for perfect aeronautical speeds because earning the title of the fastest production car in the world is not easy. This achievement is mostly thanks to the engine which is basically formed by sticking two Audi V8 engines into one and making it a W16. This huge beast needs 10 radiators just to keep it cool and guarantee that everything runs smoothly. The incredible part is that even with this perfect engine, they weren’t able to reach the top speed they were targeting and with no more means to get more horsepower, everything was left to the aerodynamics. This meant for some crucial changes that would allow it to be used as a regular car on public roads but also reach incredible top speeds. To make it ready, you need to insert a special key into a slot; this makes the whole car lower, the rear spoiler disappears and the diffuser flaps close.

The Bugatti Veyron is a point where extreme numbers meet. It costs one million pounds and it has 1001 horsepower which allows it to reach 252 mph. This sets it apart from any other and makes the Veyron belong to a whole different group. At top speed, the tires can only last 15 minutes, which isn’t really an issue if we consider that a full tank of fuel is gone in 12 minutes. A remarkable thing about this car is that even at its top speed, it doesn’t feel like it is about to lose some valuable parts, it is stable and cool without even twitching.

Muji Wall Mounted CD Player

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Here’s a conversation starter for sure: I have a wall mounted CD Player that works when I start pulling its strings. If that doesn’t start a conversation with someone, the person you were talking to probably wasn’t interesting enough. If you thought about having a good time while listening to music playing this is the right product for you. Also, it can be the perfect gift for someone you don’t know because it’s so cool everybody loves it. This is the kind of thing that everybody secretly wants to have but nobody would ever buy it for themselves and those make perfect gifts.

Muji Wall Mounted CD Player

It has a mechanism that uses pull strings to turn on so you can have a lot of fun whenever you want to play some music, also, the fact that it’s wall mounted adds to its cool factor. This cool little gadget is created with a nice frame holding it and a cool hanging string that will make it sit beautifully on your wall. If you plan on offering it as a gift, do notice the fact that it looks amazing on minimalistic houses and modern apartments. Also is the right kind of gadget to impress girls when they are coming over so this can be an interesting gift for a womanizer. It also has a cool display that will add to its decorative purposes and make it even cooler.

You can even impress your boss, but only if you get him one for his birthday, something that will certainly place you at the top of the employer’s list. But how does this baby work? It’s pretty simple, all you have to do is put your disk inside then pull the string and the CD Player will start playing music. It also comes with traditional controls that can be found on the top of the player but that’s boring so you will probably stick to string pulling. Also, the player comes with dual speakers so you don’t need additional speakers for it. The see through window offers a cool view of the CD spinning, so make sure you put it in a visible place.

Navitron Steampunk Wrist Sundial

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Gadgets nowadays have the latest technology to make them more practical but sometimes there is no need for all of that. The perfect example of simple but cool gadgets would be the Navitron Steampunk Wrist Sundial that can replace your regular watch with a lot of style and certainly make for an interesting accessory. This old school watch doesn’t need batteries and will always give you the exact time as long as the sun is out, you just have to hold it steady and the watch will do the rest.

Navitron Steampunk Wrist Sundial

It is a very cool approach to watches and using the sun to know the time is certainly a lost art. The design looks great but some might argue that the size makes it a bit too uncomfortable; this is due to the fact that it doesn’t just have a sundial, it also has a compass. This makes it the perfect choice for camping or just for showing off your old school style. The model is made to work in the Northern Hemisphere so in order to read it in the Southern Hemisphere, you will have to read the number on the opposite side of the dial.

The style is completed with the leather band that has an antiqued brass and the overall result is amazing. The style of the dial with the Roman numbers and the writing on the bottom add elegance to this old school watch and while it may not be the best choice for everyday use, it does make an awesome gadget to wear on special occasions and turn some heads while you tell them what time it is. The unique features also make it the perfect idea for a gift, especially for someone that enjoy the outdoors and likes going camping often; they will surely appreciate the thought went into buying this sundial watch. It is a very affordable gadget to have at under $50 and with no extra costs such as batteries. Be ready to start an adventure with this cool piece on your wrist that will always point you in the right direction and make sure you know how much daylight you have left.

Creative iPhone Cases

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The iPhone cases manufacturers have really outdone themselves with the latest cases available. There are so many designs you can choose and styles you never thought about. Let’s see what the craziest and the most outstanding iPhone cases you can get for your favorite phone.



So you decided to go for a more natural look and choose an iPhone case that resembles wood. These cases are called iWood and they come in various wood colors and styles. Your phone will look very rustic and people will have no idea it’s actually made of fake wood because it looks really real.

Summer Colorful Trends


Why not manage and bring out the trends this summer by using an iPhone case that matches the trends? Since everything has to be colorful, all you need to do is make sure that you have all the colors on your phone somehow. There are many iPhone cases that will really stand out but always try to have some of the craziest colors too like neon orange and green or electric blue and pink, as those are the real summer colors.

Illustrated iPhone Cases


If you are into cool designs you can really get a nice illustrated iPhone case. Some even come with actual comic strips on them from well-known series like Spiderman or Batman. You can have a really interesting retro look if you choose to get an illustrated iPhone case as you can get whatever you want, from old ads, to vintage photos and even well-known illustrations created by known artists. If you don’t want something old, you can choose to have a landscape on your iPhone or just choose to have a pretty picture with somebody famous.

Animal Print iPhone Cases

Animal Print

Animal print is definitely the trend this year and it appears to be fashionable for iPhone cases too. What’s more chic than a cool case with some leopard or zebra print that matches you handbag or shoes? You will definitely stand out and the most important thing is the fact that your phone will express your personality and will look absolutely amazing.

Wireless Audio Docks

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Just as it happened with headphones, the audio docks’ market has recently exploded with the wide spread of mobile players and smartphones.  Long time considered low quality products, they enjoy nowadays a good position as high-end audio accessories as they no longer fall on the second place when compared to a hi-fi stereo device.

Highly oriented towards iPhone and iPod touch, the existing models will have to go through a fast revolution with the arrival of iPhone 5 on the market. Indeed, this was the first time since 2003, when Apple introduced the Dock connector, that the reputed company decided to switch to a Lightning connection port. While some consumer groups find the change outrageous, others think it was but logical, even inevitable, considering the permanent quest for miniaturization in the smartphones’ sector.

Yet there is a solution for those who do not want to depend on a single plug or to buy an adapter sold by Apple for 29 € and it comes in the form of wireless docks. With these connector free devices, you run fewer risks of incompatibility. Two standards are currently popular on the market: Bluetooth and AirPlay.

Wireless Audio Docks

The first has the advantage of working with most types of equipment, regardless of brand or operating system. Unfortunately, it comes with two drawbacks: a bigger battery and a sound quality that is far from ideal. You can blame the latter on a technical limitation that compresses the audio signal to 128 kB/s.

The AirPlay is limited to Apple products, but it begins to be widely adopted by manufacturers, especially on high-end models. Fans will appreciate, however, the quality of its lossless signal which allows users to operate uncompressed audio files. As it usually happens, quality comes with a price and these devices are considerably more expensive than the Bluetooth ones.

Is There a Future for the Gaming Consoles Market

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Experts argue that handheld game consoles tend to become a niche market, reduced from a quantitative point of view, but still profitable and able to survive, despite all the apps that have been developed during the last years for mobiles and tablets. With an estimated amount of 38 million portable gaming consoles to be sold by Sony and Nintendo in 2013, the account is far from the peak of 47 million units reached in 2008. Moreover, smartphones and touch pads have already shown their potential as fun generating gadgets, supported by an impressive catalog of games available at very low prices or even with a free version.

However, the field’s experts are not pessimistic. Although they predict a gradual decline in the segment of gaming consoles and a substantial shift towards smartphones and tablets, they argue that the latter will not be able to eliminate gaming consoles from the market. Sony and Nintendo will still be preferred by demanding passionate players, while smartphones and tablets will cover the general public segment. Positioning themselves as professionals of the gaming sector would probably be the winning strategy for the above mentioned companies.

gaming station

The only question that remains is if there will be enough interest from developers to maintain the range of products at a satisfying level of variety. Gamers’ tastes tend to diversify and consoles manufacturers risk to lose a part of their clients’ base if they don’t succeed to keep up with the rapid pace of technological development manifest in the mobile devices world. It seems that Sony has already acknowledged the potential problem. They have renamed their games portal for smartphones PlayStation Mobile and focuse on the game sector as one of the strategical pillars of their effort to catch a part of the mobile market.